Month: May 2013

Chip on your windscreen?

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Chip on your windscreen

Here are some logos that would make you wonder how they were even accepted

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WAS THAT SERIOUSLY A LOGO FOR SOME CATHOLIC CHURCH actually represents what they do in the church. Ooops. Too much info?

ahahahahaha how can you fuck “locum” with I ❤ cum omfg

403% sure these designers are fired by now

Here are some logos that would make you wonder how they were even accepted

The 17 Creepiest Cats You Meet On OkCupid

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The 17 Creepiest Cats You Meet On OkCupid

The Hawkeye Initiative: Special Guest Edition: The Hawkeye Initiative IRL!

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05/15/2013 Update:
BROSIE Goes Viral

Original Post:
I recently received an email from an anonymous fan sharing how she pulled a Hawkeye Initiative themed prank on her CEO to illustrate a problem with some artwork.
My personal compliments to her and her accomplice on a mission well done;…

The Hawkeye Initiative: Special Guest Edition: The Hawkeye Initiative IRL!

Response to a submission

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I’m sorry that your wife treated you so badly. Not all women are like that.

I’ve been with a guy with a micropenis before. At first, I didn’t quite know how to react to it. But then it turned out he was fairly skilled with his fingers and tongue and well, in this day and age, there are countless toys (of which my collection is vast!) available on the market that cocks have generally become fairly defunct anyway. I wasn’t disappointed by the end of it. I tried to make him feel comfortable in my presence. What I’m trying to say is – not every domme will powertrip all over the place at the size or lack of cock. Don’t feel forced into something you don’t like or you don’t want just because you think that’s the only option or only fit. It’s not.

My ex was 10 inches. I took some pride in that at the time, but looking back and knowing what I know now, it seems very foolish. He was terrible in bed. Selfish. Dominant. Rude. Obnoxious. Thought his size made up for all his other horrendous flaws. It didn’t. I left him for my current partner who gives me everything I need and crave. I’ve never been into extremities as such, cuckold is an area that kind of makes me cringe (although each to their own). I guess I’m more of an affectionate domme.

I don’t get a kick out of being cruel. I like my sub to know that there will be an end result that will make them satisfied. I like to treat him with respect because if he’s not having a good time, then I’m doing a bad job. He’s my responsibility.

I wash him. I buy him clothes. I feed him. I do his laundry. But I don’t mother him. He takes care of me when I’m sick or I’ve had a bad day or am feeling a bit down. He does the cleaning and tidying and fixing of things. To any onlooker, we’re probably quite a normal couple, except that most days he’s dressed in feminine clothes that I’ve picked out for him and we have a much larger collection of “toys” than the average person.

My advice: Find someone that treats you like a person first and a submissive second.

All used up

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Last night was fun.  Got to use my spreader bar for the first time.  I dressed him up in a see-through short red nightie, black suspender belt, red stockings, red heels and put him on the sofa.  I bound his hands behind his head and used the spreader at maximum width on his ankles.  I gagged him.

I decided to put some hentai on and play with him while i forced him to watch.  We started off with the Invisible Man, one of my favourites and moved onto one of his favs.  I put a rubber glove on and lubed and oiled his cock and kept him on edge for over an hour until he spat the gag out and begged me to fuck him.  He came in under a minute when I sat on him. After, he almost fell into a heap and I held him until he recovered.

Nails on skin

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I like the feeling of my nails on his skin. I like how he reacts to it. I like the marks it leaves to remind me of how it felt a that time.

There’s certain areas of his body much more sensitive to pain than others. I like to play on that, without dwelling too long there and making the experience too much for him. The longer I make him last, the more I get out of it after all.

The innermost of his thigh areas are incredibly sensitive to pain. When I sink my nails in there, I can feel his muscles contract and his body shiver as it tries to cope with the feeling. His sides too, the further i drift from the centre of his body when toying with his chest or back, the more reactive he is to the pain I inflict.

Got my nails manicured today. I think I prefer them unmanicured though. They’re much sharper, the varnish gives them almost a blunted effect which just… doesn’t feel the same. I guess it’s the nail-equivalent to wearing a condom. It can still feel good, but it takes a lot away, you don’t feel as much.

Well, I have another 6 days left before I see him again. I imagine the french polish will have worn off by then.