Nails on skin

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I like the feeling of my nails on his skin. I like how he reacts to it. I like the marks it leaves to remind me of how it felt a that time.

There’s certain areas of his body much more sensitive to pain than others. I like to play on that, without dwelling too long there and making the experience too much for him. The longer I make him last, the more I get out of it after all.

The innermost of his thigh areas are incredibly sensitive to pain. When I sink my nails in there, I can feel his muscles contract and his body shiver as it tries to cope with the feeling. His sides too, the further i drift from the centre of his body when toying with his chest or back, the more reactive he is to the pain I inflict.

Got my nails manicured today. I think I prefer them unmanicured though. They’re much sharper, the varnish gives them almost a blunted effect which just… doesn’t feel the same. I guess it’s the nail-equivalent to wearing a condom. It can still feel good, but it takes a lot away, you don’t feel as much.

Well, I have another 6 days left before I see him again. I imagine the french polish will have worn off by then.

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