Month: June 2013

Sleepy Sex

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Was absolutely wrecked when I got home yesterday, after not sleeping the previous night.  He was all dressed up for me, looking gorgeous.  I physically didn’t have the energy to do anything to him and ended up flopping in bed.  He ordered food, got us some movies to watch and we spent some time curled up together on the sofa.

Came to an hour before bedtime and we went downstairs.  Never quite know how to ask for attention when I want it, I felt kinda awkward.  He kept asking if there was “anything he could do” to help me sleep, etc and I just felt like “well, I shouldn’t really have to ask”.  Although I never said that.  Eventually, I think he got the point after some discussion.  I know he’s not that kind of guy to just dive straight in.  He said he was more used to being with women who require lots of build-up prior.  

He put his hand between my legs and I didn’t make it easy for him.  Giggling I held my thighs together as he tried to sneak in between.  I told him to beg me to let him touch me, which he did.  Smiling I helped him removed my panties.  He used a new technique I think where he rubbed my clitoris at the same time as penetrating my g-spot.  It felt different to anything he’d done before. It felt awesome.  It was really nice to lie back and just receive attention like that.  I like that he enjoys pleasing me.  My lack of energy made it last a lot longer than I’d expected.  As I came, I pulled him towards me and made him hard with my hand before pressing his cock inside me.  I was still cumming when he penetrated me and he started to moan very quickly.  He didn’t last long.  He told me that he was so aroused from pleasuring me.  His orgasm came quickly and unexpectedly.  Afterwards I held him while he was inside me and kissed his forehead.

If I was an angel

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If I was an angel.


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I couldn’t sleep last night.  Lay awake the whole night thinking how much I wanted to cum but too tired to do anything about it.  

Femdom Spanking

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I do love a good spanking

Life after kids

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Why I’m not a breeder

What d/s means to me

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As a dominant it your job to ensure that your submissive’s needs are met as well as your own.  They may well be there to serve you, but they still have needs like any other human being.  My partner has submitted to me wholly.  We discussed the limitations in great length and still continue to do so throughout the course of our relationship.  After sessions, we’ll cuddle and discuss what he did and didn’t like, areas to work on and what he’d like more of in the future.  Feedback is incredibly important for me.  It lets me know that I’m fulfilling my side of the relationship and can continue to reap the benefits of having a submissive male.  Make yourself accessible and easy to talk to.  Listen to your submissive, don’t feel the need to take control over how they feel about a certain situation – they have the right to have their own feelings, that’s not something that you can control.

The Power Exchange

This revolves around love and attention.  Like any other relationship, you get back what you put in.  A submissive isn’t a lesser creature to use and abuse, in fact, the fact that they can give themselves wholly to a person is a strength of character that I find it difficult to even comprehend sometimes.  Your submissive should be the centre of your universe and everything you do should be reminiscent of that.  You became the centre of their universe when you accepted their submission, it’s only fair that they get the same attention and love and affection in return.  Your primary objective in this relationship is to ensure their physical and emotional well-being.   No means no.  Use what you’ve discussed about limitations and stick well within theirs.  Trust is key.  If your submissive doesn’t trust and respect you as a person, then you aren’t worthy of their submission.


I’ve never been that big into punishing someone for not fulfilling a specific criteria.  I’m only human and I make mistakes too.   If you do feel the need to punish your submissive for whatever reason, remember that they’re probably already upset for annoying you and generally that their punishment should be fair and actually fit the transgression.  Never over-react.  Don’t lash out at your submissive.  You’re there to look after them and lead them down the right path, remember that they trust you to do this in a fair and just manner.


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Had a pretty awesome weekend of fun times – nothing too over the top, more of a lazy weekend with lots of playtime.

As part of our weekend, I’ve been practising various edging techniques and I think I’m starting to get the hang of it now.  I’ve found some new ways of bringing him up to the edge and giving him multiple mini-orgasms.  Although it’s fun though, it isn’t something I’ll do every session as it tired him out pretty quickly.  After it he was exhausted and could barely move but he seemed to enjoy the end orgasm a lot, which was awesome.

I start by gently touching all areas of his body with the tips of my fingers, avoiding his cock.  I feign-touch his cock or touch it very gently when passing to make him more and more excited throughout the touch and massage of the rest of his body.  I kiss him sometimes and pin him down a little.  He moans a lot during this and I can tell he really wants me to touch his cock, but I avoid it for as long as I can manage.  I might lick it or look down at it and look up at him just to add extra sensation.

When he’s writhing around a little more, I start rubbing it a little, usually at the base and tug on it very gently.  With my other hand, I  tease it a little more near the top, moving it up and down his cock very slowly.  From then on, watching and listening to his reaction, I can keep him on the edge for a fairly long time or push him over just enough to allow a mini-orgasm.

As an additional experiment, I climbed on top of him and had him pinned down underneath me.  I let him enter me very slowly, just as he was on the edge of the orgasm and started fucking him very very slowly.  I could feel myself tightening around him as I was about to cum and he started panicking a little, knowing he would cum without permission.  He almost immediately begged for my permission to cum.  Hearing the terror and anxiety in his voice, I granted him permission and he relaxed, untensing his body and allowing for me to make him orgasm.  I was so worked up at this stage, that I came almost immediately and I felt him release inside me and then he pretty much collapsed, breathless.

What an awesome weekend.

Egg Lolly

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seriously look at this awful thing

I’m sorry, if you’re too stupid to make eggs in a pan, you don’t get to have a horrible egg-dog on a wooden stick like it’s some kind of carnival food. This product is a crime against gastronomy, and I want to find and destroy each and every example of it.



Women – how to react to loutish men

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The second one is my signature move



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