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Had a pretty awesome weekend of fun times – nothing too over the top, more of a lazy weekend with lots of playtime.

As part of our weekend, I’ve been practising various edging techniques and I think I’m starting to get the hang of it now.  I’ve found some new ways of bringing him up to the edge and giving him multiple mini-orgasms.  Although it’s fun though, it isn’t something I’ll do every session as it tired him out pretty quickly.  After it he was exhausted and could barely move but he seemed to enjoy the end orgasm a lot, which was awesome.

I start by gently touching all areas of his body with the tips of my fingers, avoiding his cock.  I feign-touch his cock or touch it very gently when passing to make him more and more excited throughout the touch and massage of the rest of his body.  I kiss him sometimes and pin him down a little.  He moans a lot during this and I can tell he really wants me to touch his cock, but I avoid it for as long as I can manage.  I might lick it or look down at it and look up at him just to add extra sensation.

When he’s writhing around a little more, I start rubbing it a little, usually at the base and tug on it very gently.  With my other hand, I  tease it a little more near the top, moving it up and down his cock very slowly.  From then on, watching and listening to his reaction, I can keep him on the edge for a fairly long time or push him over just enough to allow a mini-orgasm.

As an additional experiment, I climbed on top of him and had him pinned down underneath me.  I let him enter me very slowly, just as he was on the edge of the orgasm and started fucking him very very slowly.  I could feel myself tightening around him as I was about to cum and he started panicking a little, knowing he would cum without permission.  He almost immediately begged for my permission to cum.  Hearing the terror and anxiety in his voice, I granted him permission and he relaxed, untensing his body and allowing for me to make him orgasm.  I was so worked up at this stage, that I came almost immediately and I felt him release inside me and then he pretty much collapsed, breathless.

What an awesome weekend.

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