Sleepy Sex

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Was absolutely wrecked when I got home yesterday, after not sleeping the previous night.  He was all dressed up for me, looking gorgeous.  I physically didn’t have the energy to do anything to him and ended up flopping in bed.  He ordered food, got us some movies to watch and we spent some time curled up together on the sofa.

Came to an hour before bedtime and we went downstairs.  Never quite know how to ask for attention when I want it, I felt kinda awkward.  He kept asking if there was “anything he could do” to help me sleep, etc and I just felt like “well, I shouldn’t really have to ask”.  Although I never said that.  Eventually, I think he got the point after some discussion.  I know he’s not that kind of guy to just dive straight in.  He said he was more used to being with women who require lots of build-up prior.  

He put his hand between my legs and I didn’t make it easy for him.  Giggling I held my thighs together as he tried to sneak in between.  I told him to beg me to let him touch me, which he did.  Smiling I helped him removed my panties.  He used a new technique I think where he rubbed my clitoris at the same time as penetrating my g-spot.  It felt different to anything he’d done before. It felt awesome.  It was really nice to lie back and just receive attention like that.  I like that he enjoys pleasing me.  My lack of energy made it last a lot longer than I’d expected.  As I came, I pulled him towards me and made him hard with my hand before pressing his cock inside me.  I was still cumming when he penetrated me and he started to moan very quickly.  He didn’t last long.  He told me that he was so aroused from pleasuring me.  His orgasm came quickly and unexpectedly.  Afterwards I held him while he was inside me and kissed his forehead.

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