Month: July 2013

An evening of pleasure

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We lay down last night, after our shower, in bed, put some music on – had my Spotify on random.  Just lay there with him stroking me, touching my body, kissing my neck, he made me feel really good – really loved.  We talked about music, a lot.  I looked over at the clock and 90 minutes had passed seemingly unnoticed.  I told him that we should probably go to sleep soon.  He smiled and positioned himself between my legs.  He started licking me, gently at first, very gently, rubbed me  a little, eased his fingers inside me, very slowly and gently.  

He had me gasping and almost motionless after a few minutes.  He’s so incredibly good at knowing how to please me.  He spent some more time licking me, touching me, toying with me.  I was pretty much lost in absolute heaven and he knew exactly what he was doing.  That’s one thing I love about him.  There is no hesitation.  I don’t need to tell him what to do.  He just senses what I need and does it.  

After he had me sufficiently built up, he eased his cock inside me very gently.  I pulled him closer so that I could have more of it faster.  I wanted him.  Each stroke was bliss, each thrust a mini orgasm, all built up into one massive orgasm.  My whole body wracked with pleasure, all I could remember to do was breathe, I almost blacked out at one stage, the chemicals flooding my body made me almost blind.  It was pure and utter bliss.  It lasted for what seemed like forever.  

Afterwards, he held me for a bit.  I felt weak.  I don’t normally like feeling weak, but I didn’t mind this kind of weak, his reassurance was comforting though.  He knows I’m still in charge.

Recent Activity

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I guess I got so caught up earlier in our little conflict, which I think has now in the process of getting resolved, that I failed to mention what a nice weekend we had.

We had some dressup fun during the week.  I love this outfit on him.  He kinda looks like a slutty dancer…  

We also engaged in a little bit of ropework.  I’m very much a beginner at the topic.  Here are some of my attempts at new techniques I’ve been learning.

When I had him tied up like that, I put him on his side and stimulated his already hard cock a little with a vibrator.  I put the vibrator on the bed just out of reach of his cock, so he could rub himself on it a little but couldn’t make himself cum with it.  He made the most glorious noises and writhed around attempting to stimulate himself while I watched.  I played with my own vibrator a little while I watched him.  

When I thought he’d had enough, I moved the vibrator close to his cock and he made himself cum as I watched.  

After untying him, he gave me a very delicious orgasm to thank me.


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Today I feel angry, hurt and betrayed. 

A few weeks ago, I asked my partner to stop doing something that I found upsetting.  Some onlookers might have called it jealousy.  I wouldn’t.  It wasn’t.  It isn’t.  It’s something more than that. Either way, I asked him to stop and he agreed to it, knowing how it made me feel.  

Today I found evidence that he hadn’t stopped.  I went to use his computer today – to install something that didn’t work on mine, to see if he had the same issue.  When I was searching for the programme, I looked at his bookmarks.  95% of which was what we had discussed that he wouldn’t do.  Quite a lot of it recent.  I felt utter despair, sadness and disappointment.  I feel lost and alone.  Not sure what I did to deserve this.


I approached him about it and he told me that he only did it because he wanted to surprise me.  

At the time, we had a quite explicit and detailed conversation and he gave me assurance that he would never do it while I was not in his presence.  That it was something we would share when we’re together. This evidence made it clear that my request was not followed.  The evidence I found seemed much more suited to his tastes than to mine which makes his claim of wanting to surprise me seem well, not all that credible.

What am I to believe?  I’d rather he told me if he was struggling with my request so that we can find some way to solve it together.  Some way that we’re both happy.  He’s clearly not happy with it if he feels the need to go behind my back and do it when I’m not around.  We used to be able to talk about everything and anything.  I’m not sure why it isn’t like that any more. 

Night before work

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We were on holiday for two weeks, which is why my posts dried up.  We spent most of the time indoors enjoying each others company and playing computer games.  It was fun.  It was more than fun actually, despite the overwhelming heat (I’m very much a winter person), I had an amazing time.

The evening before our work, he planned something special.  He said he wanted to dress up for me and play with himself for me.  This sounded ideal, I was a little tired and groggy and not much looking forward to returning to work.  This was a great way to take my mind off the latter.

I stayed upstairs and he readied himself downstairs.  He took quite a bit longer than expected.  I told him to wear something nice and put some music on. When I went down, there he was, all dressed up in his schoolgirls outfit with pleated mini-skirt, white blouse and frilly white stockings.  He looked adorably delicious.  To top that, he also came equipped with blindfold, gag and chastity device. 

The blindfold was hanging loosely around his neck, as was his gag.  He sat there grinning at me.  For a moment, time seemed to stop.  I absorbed the sight of him sitting there, waiting in submission, ready to bend to my will.  I secured the blindfold and gag and walked around him, touching him.  By doing so, I got a good idea of where he wanted to be touched.  He moaned intently as i rubbed his ass a little.  Smiling,  I fetched a smallish ass toy from the pile and proceeded to smother it with lubricant.  

I ordered him onto his hands and knees and rubbed the tip of the toy against his asshole, circling it around the area before inserting it ever so slowly.  He moaned contentedly as he felt each inch penetrating him.  Slowly I began to move the toy in and out.  Enjoying the motion a little too much, he moved his ass in opposite motion with my hand.  I held my hand still and watched him fuck the toy I was holding for a little bit.  My other hand started to wander down to my freshly shaved pussy where I began to rub myself.  I was already dripping wet.  I wanted to rub more so I told him to fuck himself with the toy while I watched.  He obliged.  I sat on the floor below the bed, in perfect view, watching the motion, listening to him moan in pleasure.  

When it got too much to bear, I picked myself up and removed my panties.  I removed the toy from inside him and cleaned him off.  I told him to lie on his back, he did so.  I decided to keep the chastity device on him for a little longer and use a different part of him to pleasure myself with.  I moved onto the bed and crawled up until my pussy was directly above his mouth.  Using the headboard of the bed, I lowered myself down slowly and he licked me, greedily.  With thrusting motions and the use of his tongue and face, he brought me to orgasm.  It wracked through my body swiftly, eager for release.  When I was done with him, I told him to remove the chastity device.

Once removed, I moved myself down so that I was kneeling between his legs.  I played with his cock for a little bit and told him to take over.  ”play with yourself for me”.  Still blindfolded, he moaned in agreement and I watched as he began to stroke himself.  It didn’t take him long to get close.  His cock looked delicious.  I wanted to taste it.  I moved my head down and positioned my mouth in such a way that the head of his cock slid into my mouth as he stroked himself upwards.  Enjoying the sensation, I let him put more of his cock into my mouth.  He asked for my permission to cum.  I granted it to him and delighted as he released his cum into my mouth.  There was a lot of it.  He lay there for a little while shaking.  I helped him clean up and kissed him, mixing our tastes with our saliva.  

Another fantastic evening from a very satisfied Domme.

Why Feminism is Important

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A feminism comic I did for my uni’s newspaper. I wish I had a bit more time to work on it, but I’m pleased with how it came out considering the tight deadline!