Night before work

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We were on holiday for two weeks, which is why my posts dried up.  We spent most of the time indoors enjoying each others company and playing computer games.  It was fun.  It was more than fun actually, despite the overwhelming heat (I’m very much a winter person), I had an amazing time.

The evening before our work, he planned something special.  He said he wanted to dress up for me and play with himself for me.  This sounded ideal, I was a little tired and groggy and not much looking forward to returning to work.  This was a great way to take my mind off the latter.

I stayed upstairs and he readied himself downstairs.  He took quite a bit longer than expected.  I told him to wear something nice and put some music on. When I went down, there he was, all dressed up in his schoolgirls outfit with pleated mini-skirt, white blouse and frilly white stockings.  He looked adorably delicious.  To top that, he also came equipped with blindfold, gag and chastity device. 

The blindfold was hanging loosely around his neck, as was his gag.  He sat there grinning at me.  For a moment, time seemed to stop.  I absorbed the sight of him sitting there, waiting in submission, ready to bend to my will.  I secured the blindfold and gag and walked around him, touching him.  By doing so, I got a good idea of where he wanted to be touched.  He moaned intently as i rubbed his ass a little.  Smiling,  I fetched a smallish ass toy from the pile and proceeded to smother it with lubricant.  

I ordered him onto his hands and knees and rubbed the tip of the toy against his asshole, circling it around the area before inserting it ever so slowly.  He moaned contentedly as he felt each inch penetrating him.  Slowly I began to move the toy in and out.  Enjoying the motion a little too much, he moved his ass in opposite motion with my hand.  I held my hand still and watched him fuck the toy I was holding for a little bit.  My other hand started to wander down to my freshly shaved pussy where I began to rub myself.  I was already dripping wet.  I wanted to rub more so I told him to fuck himself with the toy while I watched.  He obliged.  I sat on the floor below the bed, in perfect view, watching the motion, listening to him moan in pleasure.  

When it got too much to bear, I picked myself up and removed my panties.  I removed the toy from inside him and cleaned him off.  I told him to lie on his back, he did so.  I decided to keep the chastity device on him for a little longer and use a different part of him to pleasure myself with.  I moved onto the bed and crawled up until my pussy was directly above his mouth.  Using the headboard of the bed, I lowered myself down slowly and he licked me, greedily.  With thrusting motions and the use of his tongue and face, he brought me to orgasm.  It wracked through my body swiftly, eager for release.  When I was done with him, I told him to remove the chastity device.

Once removed, I moved myself down so that I was kneeling between his legs.  I played with his cock for a little bit and told him to take over.  ”play with yourself for me”.  Still blindfolded, he moaned in agreement and I watched as he began to stroke himself.  It didn’t take him long to get close.  His cock looked delicious.  I wanted to taste it.  I moved my head down and positioned my mouth in such a way that the head of his cock slid into my mouth as he stroked himself upwards.  Enjoying the sensation, I let him put more of his cock into my mouth.  He asked for my permission to cum.  I granted it to him and delighted as he released his cum into my mouth.  There was a lot of it.  He lay there for a little while shaking.  I helped him clean up and kissed him, mixing our tastes with our saliva.  

Another fantastic evening from a very satisfied Domme.

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