Pampering my sub

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I wanted to do something special for my sub last night.  I spent the whole day planning something nice for him to eat – he’d chosen to have his favourite food: chicken breast stuffed with cream cheese and pesto and wrapped in bacon and garlic fries.  I had that and a cup of tea (he is a major tea addict!) and a nice warm fluffy pink dressing gown ready for him when he got home.

It was a really miserable wet day outside, he came in looking a bit damp and tired.  I helped him out of his clothes and into his cosy dressing gown and sat him down at the table.  We had our candlelit dinner and listened to some Opeth.  It was pretty perfect.  He seemed to thoroughly enjoy the meal.

After that I gave him some time to relax – we watched some scifi and played some videogames together.  I went down to have a shower and let him have some time to himself.  

About an hour before bed I asked if he’d like to go downstairs.  He agreed.  I lay him down on the bed and gave him a nice sensual massage.  This was rudely interrupted by some terrible songs on his random playlist on Spotify which was pumping out some of the most unrelaxing music … almost ruining the mood!  He flopped about a bit and eventually changed it to Marilyn Manson’s  ”Mechanical Animals”…. which surprisingly was perfect for my intention.  It’s kinda slow and sexy.  

I massaged each part of his body with scented oils and teased his cock a little – not too much.  Just enough to keep him on edge for a little bit…. the teasing only lasted about 20 minutes.  I could see him tiring and aching so I let him cum and he shivered around the bed for a little bit.  He ended up lying there, with his eyes closed.  Huge smile on his face.  I felt a deep feeling of satisfaction warming my body as I looked down at him.  I cleaned him up and we cuddled for a little bit.  Then it was time for sleep.

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