Chastity Weekend

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Last night, we had a little smoke, watched lots of Star Trek and somehow he ended up half-naked and in my arms…. not quite sure how it happened, but it did.   We lay there on the sofa for a while, listening to music while I teased his body.  

Had the lights pretty dim, the glow of the computer monitor made his skin look almost ethereal.  The fire was crackling behind us and the room smelled faintly of ylang ylang incense that I’d lit earlier.  We had some melodic drum and bass music playing as background music which made the whole scene all the more hypnotic. 

He was wearing his boxer shorts, I didn’t enforce any attire this evening as he was feeling a little under the weather.  He asked if I wanted him to go downstairs and put something prettier on.  I did, but my need to touch him was stronger.  I told him to remain where he was and continued to tease his cock through his boxers, rubbing his little sensitive bit as he wriggled and writhed around.  

I took his boxers off and pulled him on top of me, forcing his fingers inside me and he made me cum in under a minute.  Satisfied, I lay him down again and continued the teasing, rubbing.  At one stage, he thrust his cock into my hand a few times, eager to be stimulated.  I decided at that point that he could use a few days in chastity, to teach him a lesson for being naughty and using my hand without permission. 

I told him that tonight, I’d spend teasing his cock with my hands, rubbing it, stroking it, bringing him up to the edge and then just leaving him there.  Tomorrow, I’d have him in his device and we’d be having some vibrator fun, but he wouldn’t be allowed to cum.  On Saturday, I’d be using my mouth on his cock, to taste his sweet delicious juices and he’d also have a plug in his little ass.  On Sunday, if he was very good then I might let him cum.  If he was naughty however, he’d have another day added on.  I plan to spend the weekend dressing him up, using him like a little doll, seeing how far I can push him before he breaks and begs me to let him cum.  I love seeing him on edge, every single part of his body becomes sensitive and eager to be touched, licked and stroked.


After our session upstairs, we ventured down to the bedroom and I continued my torment.  I brought him close over and over and over again, stopping just as orgasm was about to hit.  He was very well behaved.  I got horny again and lay on my back, moving his hand back down to my pussy where he continued to rub me until I exploded once again, harder this time, more intense, it filled my whole body with endorphins and left me breathless.  I lay there for a bit, soaked in my own juices and he cuddled up next to me.  I held him for a bit, had another little tease and then sent him off to sleep with aching balls and an erection.  


Looking forward to the weekend….

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