Sensual Massage

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I had a pretty crappy day yesterday.  One of those days where time stood still and I thought work was never going to end.  I dreamt that I was at work the night before, and then spent 8 hours at work…  I got home a little worse for wear and flopped into bed almost immediately.  My submissive, who arrives home from work about an hour after me, crawled into bed beside me, naked and lay there with me for a bit.  We  cuddled and I stroked his beautiful naked body, which always makes me feel better.

After the usual routine of dinner (stuffed ribs, gravy and mashed potatoes/carrots), star trek (watching through the voyager series at the moment because he hasn’t seen it) and shower (gave him a good old scrubbing), he asked if I’d like to join him in bed.  

I found some nice lounge jazz as background music which was perfect for the mood I was in – chaotic, but relaxed.  I removed my dressing gown and lay on the bed, face down on my belly and he began to massage my back.  I lay there, with my eyes closed, feeling his little fingers touching me, caressing me, he focused on my back and swept his fingers over my erogenous zones – spent a bit of time on the back of my neck.  He was so gentle, not like other people who’ve given me massages where I’ve often felt worse afterwards.

He kissed my neck and proceeded to massage my inner thighs and the surrounding area, my body responded appropriately and my back arched revealing more of myself to him.  I spent most of the time looking at him, watching him work, watching him please me, a grin on my face.  He was smiling too, he looked happy that I was enjoying myself, I closed my eyes and spread my legs a little further apart, inviting him to rub me.  He obliged and began to rub my clit with his finger, it felt amazing and I could feel my body responding to him.  

He went inside me with his fingers and began rubbing me again, this time with his whole hand.  I was soaking.  I closed my eyes and lay there, enjoying the sensation, enjoying his attentions.  My orgasm hit hard, my body shook with convulsions as a wave of pleasure hit every single blood vessel.  He continued, and I tightened my thighs around him, telling him to stop.  I couldn’t take any more.  I lay there for a while, shivering with pleasure, contented, happy, satisfied.  I love this man. 

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