Weekend Summary

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So on Friday evening, we had a shower together, and I asked him to dress up goth – he has a lovely little latex/lace mix dress.. here’s a pic of what it looks like:

Of course it looks MUCH better on him.  He wore his red heels as well, which added a slutty feel to the outfit, he looked totally delicious, I wanted to devour him there and then, instead I took satisfaction walking behind him as he climbed up the stairs.  We sat down on the sofa and I spent a while doing his hair and makeup.  I paled his skin, gave him dark eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara.  He ended up looking like a sexy little goth slut.   I took some pictures, we got pretty stoned and my predatory instincts took over.  

I told him to imagine he was in a room full of people, and I started molesting him, but if he made a noise or movement, they might notice and that would make him blush.  I always fantasised that I might play with him in front of a large group of people and at that moment, I was able to visualise what it might feel like.  I could feel his cheeks reddening as I increased the pleasure, I used my hands and vibrator and also sucked and licked  him.  I could see he was struggling to keep control of his body, he had gone completely rigid from head to toe.  He kept quiet and still.  I looked at him feeling pride that he has such amazing self control.  I told him he could release and allowed him to cum, after much teasing.

On Saturday, we got way too stoned, and ended up just having some lazy pleasure in bed together.  

On Sunday morning, I woke up, full of energy…. I started playing with him while he was half asleep and sucking on his ear.  I wanted to watch him cum.  He lay there on his back while I played with him, I monitored his reaction to each stroke and he came when I told him to.  

Much to my surprise (and delight!) he was horny that evening again and after our shower he’d put on a pretty pink silky nightie and we were sitting talking about random things – some BDSM related topics and he started touching me.  I grinned at him and asked what his intentions were.  He told me that he wanted to make me feel good.  I let him continue and he attempted to distract me during conversation – and succeeded a few times!  He’s so good with his hands… but I wanted more this evening.  I decided that I wanted to use him instead.  I teased him a little with the vibrator and then sat on his cock and fucked him until I got myself off.  He did well not to cum and I rewarded him by using the vibrator underneath his nightie until he came.  He’s such a perfect little slut.

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