Mid-Week madness

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Some silly thoughts I’ve been having today about my submissive expressed in cheesy pick-up lines:

You must be yoghurt because I want to spoon you.


Looks like you dropped something – my jaw!

You must be Jamaican cos you Jamaican me crazy.  (that’s one of his)

Did you get those pants on sale, because at my house they’d be 100% off.

You must be a keyboard because you’re just my type.

Last night we smoked, we played a new game with our friends online – which was really fun – and we went to bed.  He dressed up in his new shiny PVC corset top (see pic below) and a long fishtail PVC skirt.  


I wanted to DEVOUR him he looked so good.  I spent probably 2 hours rubbing him, teasing him, talking to him, I got him so deep into subspace that I didn’t know if he’d come back or not.  He asked me several times if he could cum, I told him yes he could and then stopped when he was just on the verge. 

Every single time he was about to cum, I stopped dead, removed my hand from his cock and focused on other parts of his body.  He was suspended there for ages.  I cuffed his wrists behind his back and had him lie on his side so I had access to his ass.  I kept his skirt on but pulled it tight so that he had minimal leg movement, otherwise he squirms around so much it’s hard to keep him pinned.  

I plugged the magic wand in and spent some time teasing his body, when I finally did let him cum, he was exhausted to the point of not moving.  He lay there for ages, I uncuffed him and held him from behind as his body shook.  He kept moaning even long after the orgasm.  

Afterwards he said “you’re like a machine” “how did you keep that up for so long?”.  It made me blush.  I was exhausted when I got into bed, especially after not sleeping well the previous night and being completely utterly stoned.  I don’t know, something drives me when I start, I don’t want to stop.  I get as much pleasure out of doing that to him as he gets from receiving, of having that control over him, more than he realises.

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