Guests for the weekend

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So a few of his mates came over to stay with us for the weekend.  I did the usual fabulous hosting – made a roast lamb dinner, cooked breakfast, even bacon sandwiches at 2am when they were all drunk.

We had one couple staying with us and we gave them our bedroom to sleep in, while we took the spare room (our bedroom’s much nicer and more suitable for guests).  The entire time I was thinking…

Luckily, they didn’t and there was no dildo explosion.  Have you ever wondered what might happen though if your friends discovered ALL of your sex toys?

Sex isn’t something that he seems to openly discuss with his friends, at least not in front of me.  That’s fair enough – a lot of people still don’t talk about it much.  People seem content to talk about cars, mortgages, babies, furniture, politics, news, even bathroom habits!!… etc but sex is something that’s generally avoided.

I always wonder what society might be like if it wasn’t so taboo.  If people could sit down and openly discuss their relationships and sex lives.   Why is it still so socially unacceptable?  Will it ever change?

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