Remember who you are.

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This list is something I’ve written for myself.  I wanted to write it to remember what kind of person I am, when I forget who I am.  

  • Be content with what you have.  
  • A bigger house won’t make you happier.  
  • You don’t need a car to travel.
  • Your old sofa is more comfortable than a shiny new one.  
  • A holiday is only temporary happiness, a home can provide a lifetime of happiness.  
  • A home is what you make it.  
  • Play games.  They make you happy.
  • Learn.  Read more books, it’s nice to share stories and knowledge.
  • Sit beside the fire and absorb the warmth.
  • Be content and enjoy with the little things.  
  • Have hobbies that you enjoy and enough money to support those hobbies.
  • Give.  Selfishness will only make you miserable.
  • Love.  Give all of yourself to your partner wholly and completely.  Shower them with love every day.  Cuddle them often.
  • Laugh.  
  • Don’t plan.  Planning your future before its happened makes life dull and uninteresting.
  • Never feel compelled to do something boring for an extended period of time.
  • Learn to say no.
  • Never say never.  Always try something first before deciding if you enjoy it.
  • Don’t judge.  Be less judgemental of people.
  • Love your body.  It’s the only one you have.  Take care with it but enjoy everything in moderation.
  • Forgive.  Everyone makes mistakes, even you.
  • Have your own space.  Give yourself at least a little part of every day to think about things, by yourself, to philosophise and wonder and create.
  • Be creative.  Creativity makes you happy – be it in the kitchen, the bedroom, writing or arts and crafts.
  • Take every precaution to avoid pregnancy.  You don’t want children, you’re too irresponsible and you enjoy your freedom above all else.
  • Smile more.  Smiling makes you prettier.
  • Avoid procrastination.  If something needs doing, do it.
  • Always be honest with yourself and your partner.
  • Don’t always avoid change.  Sometimes it’s necessary.
  • Watch your temper.

This list is by no means, extensive.  I will update it for myself, as and when I feel the need.

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