What kind of tumblrs do I follow?

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I follow a lot of other dommes and a few submissive men.  It’s always interesting for me to read what other people get up to and well, generally, d/s relationships.  The dynamic fascinates me and the people participating are usually incredibly interesting and fun to read.

I don’t follow heavy porn blogs – i.e. blogs that are 99% visual gifs of porn or photos of naked women.  Doesn’t appeal to me in the slightest.  The person behind it might be interesting, but for me, the blog itself isn’t.

I follow blogs of interesting people who have interesting things to say.

I follow some modern-feminist type blogs, funny blogs, political blogs, blogs to do with topics that i’m interested in such as gaming, cannabis, literature, art, fantasy, music, culture.   

I’m starting to put a list together of my favourites here. http://gamerdomme.tumblr.com/links

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