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Equal Marriage – Northern Ireland (update)

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How the Northern Ireland assembly voted on marriage equality:

It’s shameful. I don’t think this is a representation of what the Northern Irish public want at all.  This is not acceptable.  It’s time for us to fight back and stop voting these bigoted fucks in.

The full results here:

Join the Vote the Bigots Out facebook page here:

ahhh your thoughts on D3 are almost the same as mine. I didn’t even finish the pre expansion, leveled to about 30 and just got tired of it. Really surprised blizzard fixed it so well

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Yeah the guy who’s headed up the development team is an old diablo 2 player so he knows exactly what people want from the game.  Shame that pvp hasn’t been properly released yet but expect that will come in time.

What we’re playing at the moment

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1. Warlock 2: The Exiled

We were pretty big into Warlock: Master of the Arcane.  Paradox have now released the second in the title: Warlock 2: The Exiled.  It’s a hex turn based strategy game where you can play the usual races: humans, elves, dwarves, undead, monsters (which is a mish-mash of goblins, wolves and other random creatures).  We’ve been co-oping it versus the computer, building our bases up, fighting other armies – it’s been pretty fun.  The game itself is basically an improvement on the original.  They’ve made some nice graphic and interface changes.  I can’t see that they’ve added in any new mechanics or done any major changes to the actual game.  I’m ok with that though – the original game was great and this one is pretty awesome too.  Why fix what isn’t broken, right?

Steam link:

Watch the comedy trailer, it’s pretty funny.

2. Dwarf Fortress (Masterwork J)

So after a few months of playing the unmodded Dwarf Fortress, this week, we moved onto start the Masterwork mod.  My pet is playing Kobolds and I’m playing a race of mighty orcs.  We also have a shared fortress of gnomes that we play around with in between.  Really enjoying playing the orcs – it’s a completely different playstyle to the dwarves.  Orcs are lazy, they like to fight, they eat shitloads of meat so it requires a lot more involvement with animals and merchants to sustain the nation.  My pet’s fort is all above-ground clay-made Kobold haven.  Kobolds seem entirely incapable of defending themselves early-game, so he’s having to think of clever ways to sustain his little nation.

3. Diablo III: Reaper of Souls

I’m a massive diablo fan.  I played Diablo 2 for years, literally years of my life spent perfecting my characters and building them up to be the best that I could.  I played mostly on USWest realm, back in the day.  Europe was generally too full of non-english speakers, so it was easier to just play on a US server.  I entered and won lots of tournaments on my paladin (hammerdin) and had a really fun time doing it.

So when Diablo 3 first came out, naturally, I was massively disappointed at it.  It was cartoonish, casual, keyboard-smashing brainless and loaded with the most irritating cut-scenes known to mankind.  It was a massive flop. Sure it sold loads of copies, but nobody wanted to keep playing it, except the most extreme “fans”.  The game was virtually dead within a few months of release as people got bored and wandered off to the next game.  In between D3 and the expansion coming out, I played a lot of Path of Exile, which, btw is a great (and free) game.  I enjoyed Path of Exile, but it was a massive grindfest, like – once you got your char to a decent level, it was a massive pain in the arse to respec – you could respec, it just took a load of resources and time.  That’s one thing I liked about Diablo 3 – you could respe any time you wanted, and at no cost.  Want to try out a different build for a bit ? No problem at all. 

So I bit the bullet and bought the expansion, to see if it had indeed, made the game any better.  I’d say that they have fixed some of the more irritating things – they made the cut scenes optional, the new zone that they’ve created for the expansion has a cool “atmosphere” which, for me, is something cartoony diablo 3 failed miserably at on launch.  They’ve introduced some reasons to keep you playing it too, lots of different ways to grind gear.  They’ve removed the auction house, which in itself, was the most retarded idea a game developer has ever had – I mean, why the fuck would you put an auction house into an ARPG?  Community interaction in those games is all about trading and duelling.  Remove that from the game, and you’re left with no community. 

Interestingly, there is no trading at the moment at all.  You can trade with people in your game with limited drops, i.e. if something drops while you’re playing with someone, you have a few hours whereby you can trade that item with them, otherwise – zero trading.  I kinda like it, but at the same time, opening trading to allow the community to grow a bit more would be better.  Oh and there is no pvp at the moment in Diablo 3.  They have some kind of retarded duelling system but that isn’t really what diablo is about.  I think the developers are worried about the classes not being “balanced” but they were never balanced in Diablo 2, that’s what made it fun – people coming up with more and more interesting builds for their class to make it viable… like, the community can sort out the balance, it doesn’t have to be tweaked to boring by devs.  Let us PK!!!

Always appreciate game suggestions.  If you have any, let me know 🙂

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I wish people would acknowledge that Britain doesn’t just mean England, it means Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland too. Britain is the name for all the countries, not just one.
I’m sorry but I’m just a little sick of folk getting it wrong.

Great Britain refers geographically to the island of Great Britain, politically to England, Scotland and Wales in combination. The United Kingdom is the name for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.  See:

Confused? Me too.

Fuck Summer

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Hating on summer for reasons.

1. The Sun


It cooks my skin.  It involves me having to pay money for an array of horribly sticky creams to stop me from being cooked alive.  I like being pale.

2. Hayfever


My eyes become sore and dry and itchy.  My nose doesn’t stop running. I have to take antihistamines that make me drowsy.

3. Increased number of insects.


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Including insects that want to sting or bite me – wasps, hornets, bees, …. and those that just want to feast on my blood.

4. The heat


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In winter, if I’m cold outside, I can put clothes on to warm up.  Inside, I can light the fire or turn the heating on.  In the summer, there is nothing you can do but feel repressed and suffocated by the constant heat.  Fans are too noisy.  Air conditioning seemingly hasn’t been invented in Ireland yet.

5. Sandals


If you hate feet as much as me, then you’ll hate summer too because it involves people showing off their creepy, ugly feet by wearing horrific looking “footwear”.  Fuck sandals.

6. Noisy neighbour’s barbeques swearing at their thousands of screaming kids and terrible taste in music.


Might just be my neighbourhood.  But man, my neighbours swear blind at their kids 24/7, not just in summer.  As a result, their children are these nasty little noise machines that can’t talk to each other at a normal volume.  Their only volume is scream or yell.  They usually have a few BBQs in summer, play terrible pop music from like, a decade ago (not that the newer shit is any better) and completely ignore the fact that their children are producing the most ghastly noises.  They stay up drinking til late in the morning, which is fair enough – I don’t mind a party, but man, these people can’t talk to each other at a normal volume either.  They feel the need to screech.

7. The Parades

You know what? This is quite specific to Northern Ireland. I’d consider myself to be a unionist (that doesn’t vote for the “unionist” parties – or the nationalist ones for that matter).  I quite like having a union with Britain.  I think the idea of 4 countries that live as individuals and independent who all rely on each other, share ideas and share resources is a good thing.  I think that Britain (well, not britain, “the tories”) went about it all wrong.  Invasion and repression isn’t really a good way to get people on your side.  But that’s all in the past, and it doesn’t make a shit of a difference anymore. 

But still, every year, these misogynistic dregs march up and down the streets to celebrate some event that literally no one gives a fuck about anymore.  Why? TRADITION! What? Really? It does nothing but cause tension and stress and costs taxpayers money.  Sure it’s great having an extra day off, but to get woken up EVERY FUCKING SATURDAY MORNING IN SUMMER AT 8AM BY PEOPLE FUCKING BANGING DRUMS OUTSIDE MY WINDOW IS NOT FUCKING AWESOME.  You can read more on this fucked up “tradition” here:  

While you might think “who the fuck are you to shit on people’s traditions”.  I say, hey, if I show up outside your bedroom window banging a drum at fucking 8am on a Saturday morning, you would probably feel the same.  As well as that, traditions that piss 50% of the country off and raise tensions, aren’t really all that fair.

So yeah, summer sucks.

4 Day Weekend

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I used to hate Easter.  My mum would have dragged me to church for 2-3 hours when I was a kid.  After that, whatever ex I was going out with at the time wanted to plan something because it was a long weekend.   We actually got invited to a christening (and party) on the Sunday, but I made my execuses.  I hate church, and I’m not really into kids.

No church, no family, no screaming babies or kids, (almost) no people. This time, I got to have the best and most perfect Easter ever.

We hibernated for four days in the Castle (that’s what we call our home) and it was glorious. Just to lie around in your nightwear and comfortable clothes and not have anyone expect you to do anything is awesome.  We played games, we watched some films, some series, ate tasty food, smoked, cuddled, fucked…. like, I know it might not be everyone’s idea of a perfect long weekend.  But it sure as hell, is mine.

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I’ve been feeling a bit emotionally fragile the past few days.  I’m not really sure why.  I’ve been getting enough early nights, having enough rest and chill time and eating ok.  Work has been good.  I’ve been having nice evenings of games, tv and cuddles.

We went to see DevilDriver on Monday night.  I actually preferred their support band – Sylosis, who were fucking awesome.  It was an ok gig, we didn’t get to stand as close as I’d have liked but there were too many crazies to stand any closer.  After that we went back to the hotel and passed out almost immediately.  Hangover came swiftly the next day and we spent most of the day zombified.

We made love on Tuesday evening.  At that stage, it had been almost 4 days since my last orgasm.  I was pretty tense, pent up and almost an emotional wreck.  We hadn’t purposley planned on not playing for that long – I think he just had a few days where he was more tired than normal.  We had lots of slow, touching, kissing, licking, nibbling, cuddling foreplay, followed by me climbing on top of him and fucking him very slowly until we both came.  It was deeply satisfying.  We cuddled afterwards, our naked bodies pressed close for warmth.

We had another play session on Wednesday evening, an intensely passionate affair of rubbing and touching.  I used a tenga egg on him, he seemed to enjoy it, even though it popped off during the end when he was orgasm, I tried my best to compensate with my hand.  I think I succeeded for the most part.

Last night, we played games and watched some tv.  I don’t mind the days where we don’t have sex.  But sometimes it’s hard for me not to touch him, or strip him or pin him down and use him.  I feel like those things would be a breach of what we have – which is trust and respect.  I try my best to behave, but sometimes when he’s sitting there, lost in his own little world of spreadsheets and tea, I want to grab him and make him mine again.

I feel like we haven’t done anything terribly kinky in a while.  That’s partly due to it being winter and I don’t enjoy putting him in discomfort by making him stark naked on a freezing cold night and partly because it seems like he hasn’t really been all that interested lately in being tied up or pegged (i fucking hate that word) or dressed up, etc.  It might be lack of energy, but either way, I don’t like to push when it feels like I’m being unfair.   I understand that people aren’t always in the mood or don’t  have the energy„ etc.  At the same time, I feel like I don’t want to get into a routine of sex where we’re always doing the same thing or using the quickest method to “get off”.  Sex and exploring sex is something that I am really passionately enjoy and I’ve just felt like we’ve been a bit lazy recently.  When we planned on doing something like, having a dress up day or a green day, etc, it’s not happened.  We’ve just lazied around and not done it.

I hate summer, but perhaps sunshine and warmth will give us a bit more energy.

Flirtation or sexual harassment? Here’s how to tell the difference

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Flirtation or sexual harassment? Here’s how to tell the difference

Tenga Egg

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So for his birthday, I bought him tickets to see DevilDriver, booked a room in a hotel so we could have a proper night out and got him a set of Tenga Eggs.

We had a go with one of the eggs last night and it was AWESOME fun.  I cannot stress how amazing it was and the effect it had on him.  I had to hold him down at one point, he was wriggling so much.  I was able to hold him for ages and he was so exhausted afterward because the sensation was so intense.
Another awesome evening.