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Tenga Egg

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So for his birthday, I bought him tickets to see DevilDriver, booked a room in a hotel so we could have a proper night out and got him a set of Tenga Eggs.

We had a go with one of the eggs last night and it was AWESOME fun.  I cannot stress how amazing it was and the effect it had on him.  I had to hold him down at one point, he was wriggling so much.  I was able to hold him for ages and he was so exhausted afterward because the sensation was so intense.
Another awesome evening.

Vintage Lingerie Ahoy

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This awesome site which sells some beautiful classy vintage lingerie.

I discovered it here:

As well as that, they have another part of their site: 

Our newest section called Hommes aux Femmes is dedicated to lingerie with an extra helping hand for cross dressers (CD), transgender (TG), male to female (MTF), femme/en femme ladies. We are still in the process of adding stock such as breast/vagina prosthesis; shapewear with built in prosthesis and speciality bras so please do keep checking our pages for new items.

Vintage Lingerie Ahoy

Shared Vibrator

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It wasn’t a long weekend, but it felt like one.  We got pretty baked on Saturday and spent the entire day on a lovely floaty high.  

After some gaming (a mix of Diablo 2 & 3), we sat down to watch some films.  In the middle of this terrible film, man –  I can’t even remember what it was called.  I remember thinking – wtf is going on?  Like the entire time.  It was so completely random and utterly confusing that I soon lost interest.  He decided to try on the new heels that I’d purchased for him on Friday. 

White high heels with a peep toe and a floral-tattoo design.  They were pretty.   I spent some time, not sure how long, staring at his legs in them.  He had his silky pink nightie underneath his dressing gown.  I peeled back his dressing gown to reveal the full effect.  Upon lifting his skirt, I noticed he had his chastity device on.  I wanted him.  I ushered him downstairs.

There was a lot of touching, I felt connected to his skin.  Sparks ensued and I could feel electricity when I stroked him.  His warm skin soon became hotter.  I told him what I wanted to do to him.  I told him I wanted to share a vibrator with him.  I climbed on top of him and plugged the wand vibrator in and placed it on his chastity device and sat on top of it.  I began rubbing my clit up and down it.  My juices inevitably flowing down the vibrator and onto his cock as I rubbed myself on it, I reached climax and he seemed to be enjoying the sensation as well as I pinned him down.

I finished him off and made him cum with the vibrator inside his chastity device.  He looked beautiful and spent.  I held him close to me and told him that he’d been a good girl.  He looked happy and euphoric. 

Later that evening, still under the effect of our awesome high, I made him cum again, this time with my hand.  I love it when he’s so aroused he just keeps wanting more and more.  I could see he was pretty exhausted afterwards and, while he reached over to return the favour, I cleaned him up, and shuffled him off to sleep.  He meekly promised to “get me back tomorrow”.  The last thing I remember seeing was the big smile on his face.  

Male Chastity

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CB 6000We bought a chastity device together.  We went for a silicone casing device called the CB 6000 so that it can be worn for long periods of time, as and when it’s required.

He had a bit of trouble getting the device on, think it took him 20-30 minutes as there are lots of different hoops to jump through.  Once on though, he found it comfortable and it also looked awesome.   The see-through material meant I got a full view of what was going on down there.  Needless to say, I got him to dress up in something pretty and kept him in chastity for around 6-7 hours on the first day, while he got used to it.

I guess the only downside is the length of time it takes to put on, which in itself is quite off-putting… can we really be bothered to go to all that effort?  If it was worn for longer than a day, it would probably be worth it.  I don’t know if I can hold him any longer than that though.  The overwhelming need to use his body is often too much for me.  Anything that gets in the way of that is more of a hindrance to me than anything else.  Sure I can use other parts, but I love his cock.  He has an amazing cock.  I want to use it.