Russell Brand: my life without drugs

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If you only read one thing today, read this amazingly well-written article.  

Russell Brand: my life without drugs

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A tribute to my perfect partner.

A Typical Tuesday Evening

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Last night was incredible.  I got home from work in a pretty stinking mood.  My wrist, which I sprained following spouts of sexual activity, hurt like fuck.  We sat down, had dinner, had a smoke and watched the most incredible film called “The Libertine”.  Definitely rocketed straight into number#1 on my list of “most amazing films”.  

It was like one big, awesome poem set in a period setting, and best part of which, it was based on a true story about the Earl of Rochester.  An interesting chap whose thinking, poetry and incredible speeches, although I disagree with a lot of them, were far beyond his generation’s thinking.  Anyhow, go watch the film, right now if you haven’t seen it.  We watched another film after that, while it was good, I was pretty stoned by that point and found it difficult concentrating. 

At about 11:15pm, we slinked our way downstairs.  There he was, in all his beautiful silky glory, adorned in a pale blue nightgown, staring back at me with his big wanton eyes.  I felt such overwhelming lust for him.  My heart was beating fast, my breathing heavy, I wanted to devour him.  Instead, I told him to “lift your skirt and show me what’s mine”.  He obeyed unquestioning.  Staring at me as his skirt slid up his pale thighs, exposing his cock which was rock hard and begging to be touched.  I rubbed him for a while, his thighs, his cock, his cute little ass.  He moaned and squirmed, absorbing the attention.  

I told him to pull down his skirt and close his legs, that it was no way for a lady to behave.  I scratched him, I pulled on his nipples, I choked him a little and slapped his little asshole.  He blushed and looked up at me, a cute shameful look on his gorgeous face.  I told him to pull his skirt up again and he obeyed.   I lubricated my hand and began rubbing him again from his ass to the tip of his cock in long, slow strokes.  He moaned, barely able to contain himself.  I told him that I wanted to fuck his ass.  I got a dildo and inserted it inside him and began fucking his ass with the dildo as I fucked his cock with my lubricated hand.  He writhed around the bed, moaning loudly and begged me to let him cum.  I let him.

After a little chill time and some cuddles, I put his fingers inside me and came almost immediately.  I made quite a mess of the bed.  We talked for a while after, a long while.  I went to sleep smiling, contented, satisfied and feeling like the luckiest lady in all the world.

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Cold Autumn Weekend

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Temperatures dropped to below zero this weekend.  This meant we had the fire on pretty much non-stop all weekend, which was nice.  I love having a cosy open fire.

We played Path of Exile most of the weekend.  It was really fun – got our main characters up to level 61 and we’re on the last act in the final difficulty mode, which means engame is coming up soon.  This will of course involve more farming and grinding, but the gameplay is fun and the progression is interesting, so it’s holding my attention pretty well.  We had several gaming breaks over the weekend.  

I fancied one such break on Saturday and decided upon a snuggle next to the fire.  I laid some duvets out and blankets and got him to bring up some pillows for extra comfort.  We lay there for a while, holding each other, in front of the fire, listening to it crackle and feeling the heat on our backs.  It was peaceful, serene.  I thought to myself “more couples should do stuff like this”.  Just to take an hour out of our day and spend some time together, in each other’s presence and company.  

We chatted for a little bit and my hand eventually wandered downwards to gauge his reaction to possible playtime.  He responded well, smiling at me and moaning quietly when my hand brushed his cock.  I produced some massage oil and sat upwards, having him lie on his back in front of the fire.  Oil is something you have to be particularly careful with being so close to the fire, I put the fire guard up, just to be sure nothing would spit out at him or cause him any distress.  I brought him ever so slowly to orgasm with long powerful strokes, lots of oil and lots of attention.  I felt like he was on edge a little bit and later learned that he was having some pain in his eye – a burst blood vessel or something, that could have been the cause of it.  He enjoyed the orgasm anyhow and I cleaned him up and held him for a little while.  Later on, we had a little smoke and he repayed the favour, artfully bringing me to orgasm from nothing.  I was surprised at how fast I came with very little thought, although, I guess my actions earlier, watching his reactions to my teasing was still very fresh in my mind.

Sunday was lazy – sausages for breakfast, a nice Sunday roast dinner and lots of gaming.  He had suggested the previous evening that today might be a “green day” (a day in which, I can paint him with green body paint all over and have my wicked way with him – weird fetish of mine), but the temperature and our energy levels were both substantially lower.  I’d much rather it on a day where we both felt energetic and well, warm.  Instead, we got really stoned, had a shower later that evening and I sent him to sleep after some nice oral, hand and vibratory stimulation.  I think the shower desensitised him a little bit, I still think he enjoyed it, but perhaps not as much as he normally would have done.  It seemed to take a lot of “effort” for him to cum.  He said that it’s nothing I’ve done wrong, but I felt the need to go off and read up on lots of technique articles today.  Not just to brush up, but to learn what other people do.  

I think it’s important that we pull our resources as much as possible on topics such as sex.  Sex is one of those things that can either make you really really happy or really really miserable.  It’s also one of those things that I think, in our society, is incredibly overlooked as a way to attaining happiness.  Everything seems to revolve around ideals of people getting married, having babies and buying as much crap as possible before they die when, in reality, that shit doesn’t necessarily make you happy.   If more people were open about sex and what they do and don’t like – pegging for example.  If you suggested “pegging” to most straight men they’d be like…. What? that’s gay.  In reality, a lot of pleasure can be gained from it.  A lot of people hide who they really are and what they really like because of how society has shaped them into thinking how they “should” act.  What’s so wrong with just being yourself?

Sensory indulgence

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He’d only gotten in from work the poor thing. Smiling, a little dishevelled. I was lying stretched out on the sofa reading a book.  I did make him tea and allowed him to smoke. I could tell he was pleased to be home as he flung his coat off which landed halfway down the stairs.    I had the couch pushed up close to the open fire, some psytrance playing in the background.  Once he’d completed his usual routine, he locked the front door.  

I found him standing there in front of me, almost expecting me to undress him, or at least giving me the opportunity to.  I didn’t give him time to doubt me, quickly unbuttoning his jeans and flinging them on the floor hard with his underpants, he removed his jumper and t shirt and I pushed him down onto the sofa.  There he sat in all his naked loveliness, soft, pale skin, long hair, rich blue eyes looking at me wantonly.  I stroked his body with the back of my hand, feeling its warmth and softness.  I love his skin.  It’s my biggest addiction.

He moaned gently.  I positioned him so that he was spread out for me and I could touch him where I wanted to without his interference.   He accepted the position, lying there like a little doll, looking up at me with those beautiful blue eyes.  I spent a long time stroking his thighs, pressing my hands tightly together and using it to push his cock inside them, I stimulated as much of his balls as I could, feeling them slip around my hand as I teased him.  He moaned when I brought him close.  He’d admitted that he’d spent a lot of his work day fantasising about me.  I could tell that I wasn’t going to get much more out of him.  After edging him 5-6 times, I grabbed his cock and used it violently and hard to get him off very fast.  He lay there moaning and panting.  He’d cum hard, it was all over his chest, belly, my arm, my dress.  I smiled at him and kissed him.  

After cleaning up, we sat down and had a smoke and played a bit of path, ordered pizza, watched some TV, played some more path and then I suggested that we go downstairs.  I wanted my turn… 

He followed me down obediently, putting the light on and getting into the right position.  We lay there chatting for a bit.  I could feel his little wandering fingers caressing my body.  I was so sensitive and he, so gentle, it was hard not to get tickled.  I positioned myself on my back and let him continue.  He slid his hand in between my legs and started rubbing my pussy through my panties.  I could feel his little fingers working their magic and I lay back and began to think about his cock, what it might be doing now, if he was enjoying pleasuring me and if it was making him hard.  

I removed my panties.  He tried to tease me with gentle strokes but I grabbed his wrist and forced his hand harder against my pussy, looking down at him to ensure he knew he wasn’t allowed to be too gentle.  I saw a meek little smile and I let him continue.  My body swirled with sensation, he rubbed me in a different way for a while and then changed as I was getting close, I experienced a lot of new feelings as he experimented with pleasuring me.  

I was soaking.  It felt amazing, but it felt amazing because it was him doing it.  Every single thing he did felt amazing.  I wanted to cum so badly.  I thought back to earlier when I had him held at my mercy, imagined his little face looking up at me, the noises he made, the feeling of power I get when I control his cock like that, take hold of his orgasm.  All of a sudden, I came, it rushed through my body like a tidal wave.  I almost blacked out.  It lasted for what felt like about 20 minutes.  Every time I moved any part of my body, I could feel it spreading to a new part of me.  After cuddles, it didn’t take me long to fall asleep…