Fuzzy head

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I feel like I haven’t come back down to earth yet after last night.  We smoked some pretty awesome weed and I was having quite a lovely little trip.  We headed to bed early for some molesting.  He made me cum and, as instructed, fucked me as I was cumming.  He came too.   I felt really floaty, was seeing everything with a slightly pink twinge, the room felt a bit wobbly and it was rather fun.

He arrived home with  a Nintendo DS3 as a present, which was a lovely thought, so I got to play some Pokemon Y last night.  Just made it out of the starter area (which took ages because I was really stoned).  Looking forward to more pokemon action tonight.

I feel healthy today, or I feel like my new health eating regime is starting to kick in.  Like when I wake up in the morning, I don’t feel like I want to die.  I have a lot more energy, although my muscles are a little achey from the exercise, but hoping to get some positive results.  My head feels well fuzzy though, having trouble concentrating on anything that isn’t thinking about my partner naked or in some sexy clothes.  My stupid libido. 

We’ve planned dinner with my mum for Friday evening which should be fun and we’re staying over at her house – separate bedrooms of course, good ‘ol catholic mother.  

Hazy Friday

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Was pretty stressed when I got in from work on Friday after a fairly uneventful day.  He saw to it that I was given sufficient cuddling in bed before getting me up. We had a shower, ate dinner. We watched some more Star Trek and had a nice chilled smoke.  Wasn’t much in the mood for playing games so we sat on the sofa for a few hours just watching TV and smoking.

We of course, ended up, downstairs in the bedroom.  I dressed him in a skin-tight latex-look black dress.  He looked divine.  I put some psytrance on and we relaxed in bed for a while.  His skin was sensitive, a beautiful effect of the smoking.  He was aroused almost immediately when I ran my fingers over his cock.  I teased him for a little bit with my fingers, stroking his body through the dress, teasing his cock. I then positioned him on his hands and knees and placed the vibrator underneath his cock.  He proceeded to attempt to lower himself onto it so that he could rub his cock on it.  

I felt the overwhelming urge to spank him, so I let loose my demons for a little bit and proceeded to spank his pretty bottom while he pleasured himself on the vibrator.  At that stage, he was leaking everywhere and moaning.  I wanted to look into his eyes to see his longing.  He looks so incredibly slutty when he’s in this dress.  I laid him down on his back and stayed between his legs.  

I began teasing his cock with my mouth and hands while playing with his little asshole.  He wriggled and moaned when I touched it, I could tell he wanted something inside him, so I got up and got a toy and put it inside his ass.  I rubbed some massage oil onto his cock and proceeded to rub it in the same way I might rub myself if I was masturbating.  He loved it.  He moaned and begged me to let him suck on a dildo as well.  I got him a nice big pink dildo for him to suck on and proceeded to rub his cock and balls, moving my hand up and down.   I kept him on edge for what felt like hours and it literally turned out to be about 2-3 hours.  I wanted him inside me, so I climbed on top of him and fucked him while he continued to suck on the cock and had his little ass full of dildo.  He came harder than I’ve ever seen him cum before.  He lay there shaking for about 20 minutes afterwards.  I cleaned him up and then held him.