Shared Vibrator

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It wasn’t a long weekend, but it felt like one.  We got pretty baked on Saturday and spent the entire day on a lovely floaty high.  

After some gaming (a mix of Diablo 2 & 3), we sat down to watch some films.  In the middle of this terrible film, man –  I can’t even remember what it was called.  I remember thinking – wtf is going on?  Like the entire time.  It was so completely random and utterly confusing that I soon lost interest.  He decided to try on the new heels that I’d purchased for him on Friday. 

White high heels with a peep toe and a floral-tattoo design.  They were pretty.   I spent some time, not sure how long, staring at his legs in them.  He had his silky pink nightie underneath his dressing gown.  I peeled back his dressing gown to reveal the full effect.  Upon lifting his skirt, I noticed he had his chastity device on.  I wanted him.  I ushered him downstairs.

There was a lot of touching, I felt connected to his skin.  Sparks ensued and I could feel electricity when I stroked him.  His warm skin soon became hotter.  I told him what I wanted to do to him.  I told him I wanted to share a vibrator with him.  I climbed on top of him and plugged the wand vibrator in and placed it on his chastity device and sat on top of it.  I began rubbing my clit up and down it.  My juices inevitably flowing down the vibrator and onto his cock as I rubbed myself on it, I reached climax and he seemed to be enjoying the sensation as well as I pinned him down.

I finished him off and made him cum with the vibrator inside his chastity device.  He looked beautiful and spent.  I held him close to me and told him that he’d been a good girl.  He looked happy and euphoric. 

Later that evening, still under the effect of our awesome high, I made him cum again, this time with my hand.  I love it when he’s so aroused he just keeps wanting more and more.  I could see he was pretty exhausted afterwards and, while he reached over to return the favour, I cleaned him up, and shuffled him off to sleep.  He meekly promised to “get me back tomorrow”.  The last thing I remember seeing was the big smile on his face.