Halloween Night

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There he was, lying on the bed for me, naked and pale and lovely.  My hands wandered over his body as he lay there, on his back.  I brought his lips forward to kiss me.  His body trembled with want.  My fingers worked their way down his body to his thighs.  I pulled his legs apart and rubbed his little ass.  He moaned like a whore.  

I sat up so that I had more control over what I wanted to do to him.  I started working his beautiful hard cock, gently sliding it through my hands.  He was so aroused, I whispered down to him “this must be torture for you?”.  He shook his head and said that he enjoyed being mine to use.  I smiled down at him.  I got up and went in search of a toy, finding the appropriate one and a bottle of lube, I sat down on the bed again grinning down at him.  He knew what was coming.  I selected a small rubber plug from his collection, I made him hold the base of his cock so that it would stay hard and slid the lubricated toy inside him gently.  Once inside, I swapped positions with him and had him hold the toy while I played with his cock.  After teasing him for a while, I decided to step things up a bit.  

I turned his wand vibrator on and proceeded to wedge it against the little plug in his ass.  I played with his cock a little more, edging him closer and stopping.  I sat up and removed my panties and pushed his legs together, the vibrator still pressed hard against his plug.  I proceeded to slide him inside me, while I reversed onto him so that I could control the vibrator and plug as well as fuck him.  I think he lasted about 30 seconds inside me in the reverse cowgirl position before he came, hard, really hard.  I sat up and the cum dripped from my pussy all over his belly.  He lay there in shock.  I don’t think he was quite expecting to orgasm so quickly.  I cleaned him up and held him.  After a smoke, we slipped into the abyss of a long, dark sleep.

Sensual weekend session

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Hazy weekend.  Probably smoked too much.  It helped with the inevitable frustration that I feel after having gone an entire week without orgasming and the pain and the PMS-rage.  Stupid period.  As well as managing to complete the entire of Dragon Age 2 in one weekend, we also had some fun.

I picked something out for him to wear and gave it to him, telling him to change upstairs.  I went with a cute red dress, black suspender belt, stockings and black heeled boots.  He also wore his chastity device. I sat him down on a cushioned, wooden chair.  I bound his hands behind his back to the chair with PVC tape and bound his ankles to either side of the chair so his legs were spread apart.  I tied his chest and neck to the chair with some rope, meaning if he leant forward or attempted to get free, the rope around his neck would prevent him.  I warned him to remain calm and still or he may hurt himself through mild choking. 

I then blindfolded him and let him sit there for a few minutes.  When his blindfold was removed, he found a vibrator strapped between his legs and some sensual lesbian porn on the screen in front of him.  I told him to watch the screen.  I sat behind him for a while, kissing his neck, cheeks, shoulders, touching his body, feeling it tingle and shudder at the prospect of the vibrator.  After a while, I turned the vibrator on.  It was about an inch away from his cock.  I left it on, so that he could feel the vibrations of the air around him, knowing it was there, but not actually being able to feel it.  

After a while, I noticed him starting to shift around, wanting to be touched.  I moved the vibrator closer so that it was in direct contact with his chastity device.  He moaned immediately and attempted to keep his body still while he was enjoying the pleasure of being touched.  I reminded him that he needed to keep watching the screen.  At this stage, the lesbians were licking each other and I could see that he was very close to cumming.  He was leaking everywhere.  I told him to remove the chastity device and he did so, I allowed him one hand to do this and immediately tied it back up again once the device was removed.

I turned the vibrator off and sat behind him again, holding him by his neck, forcing his head in the direction of the porn.  I nibbled on his ear, kissed his neck again, licked his lips, whispered in his ear.  I reached down with my hand and started toying with his cock while I had my other arm around his neck.  I stroked him slowly, but powerfully.  I used the vibrator a few more times to tease him, putting it up against my hand so that he could feel the vibrations as I stroked him and eventually, brought him to orgasm.

I untied him and held him for a bit, stroking his beautiful long hair.  

Shared Vibrator

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It wasn’t a long weekend, but it felt like one.  We got pretty baked on Saturday and spent the entire day on a lovely floaty high.  

After some gaming (a mix of Diablo 2 & 3), we sat down to watch some films.  In the middle of this terrible film, man –  I can’t even remember what it was called.  I remember thinking – wtf is going on?  Like the entire time.  It was so completely random and utterly confusing that I soon lost interest.  He decided to try on the new heels that I’d purchased for him on Friday. 

White high heels with a peep toe and a floral-tattoo design.  They were pretty.   I spent some time, not sure how long, staring at his legs in them.  He had his silky pink nightie underneath his dressing gown.  I peeled back his dressing gown to reveal the full effect.  Upon lifting his skirt, I noticed he had his chastity device on.  I wanted him.  I ushered him downstairs.

There was a lot of touching, I felt connected to his skin.  Sparks ensued and I could feel electricity when I stroked him.  His warm skin soon became hotter.  I told him what I wanted to do to him.  I told him I wanted to share a vibrator with him.  I climbed on top of him and plugged the wand vibrator in and placed it on his chastity device and sat on top of it.  I began rubbing my clit up and down it.  My juices inevitably flowing down the vibrator and onto his cock as I rubbed myself on it, I reached climax and he seemed to be enjoying the sensation as well as I pinned him down.

I finished him off and made him cum with the vibrator inside his chastity device.  He looked beautiful and spent.  I held him close to me and told him that he’d been a good girl.  He looked happy and euphoric. 

Later that evening, still under the effect of our awesome high, I made him cum again, this time with my hand.  I love it when he’s so aroused he just keeps wanting more and more.  I could see he was pretty exhausted afterwards and, while he reached over to return the favour, I cleaned him up, and shuffled him off to sleep.  He meekly promised to “get me back tomorrow”.  The last thing I remember seeing was the big smile on his face.  

Sleepy Sex

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Was absolutely wrecked when I got home yesterday, after not sleeping the previous night.  He was all dressed up for me, looking gorgeous.  I physically didn’t have the energy to do anything to him and ended up flopping in bed.  He ordered food, got us some movies to watch and we spent some time curled up together on the sofa.

Came to an hour before bedtime and we went downstairs.  Never quite know how to ask for attention when I want it, I felt kinda awkward.  He kept asking if there was “anything he could do” to help me sleep, etc and I just felt like “well, I shouldn’t really have to ask”.  Although I never said that.  Eventually, I think he got the point after some discussion.  I know he’s not that kind of guy to just dive straight in.  He said he was more used to being with women who require lots of build-up prior.  

He put his hand between my legs and I didn’t make it easy for him.  Giggling I held my thighs together as he tried to sneak in between.  I told him to beg me to let him touch me, which he did.  Smiling I helped him removed my panties.  He used a new technique I think where he rubbed my clitoris at the same time as penetrating my g-spot.  It felt different to anything he’d done before. It felt awesome.  It was really nice to lie back and just receive attention like that.  I like that he enjoys pleasing me.  My lack of energy made it last a lot longer than I’d expected.  As I came, I pulled him towards me and made him hard with my hand before pressing his cock inside me.  I was still cumming when he penetrated me and he started to moan very quickly.  He didn’t last long.  He told me that he was so aroused from pleasuring me.  His orgasm came quickly and unexpectedly.  Afterwards I held him while he was inside me and kissed his forehead.