4 Day Weekend

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I used to hate Easter.  My mum would have dragged me to church for 2-3 hours when I was a kid.  After that, whatever ex I was going out with at the time wanted to plan something because it was a long weekend.   We actually got invited to a christening (and party) on the Sunday, but I made my execuses.  I hate church, and I’m not really into kids.

No church, no family, no screaming babies or kids, (almost) no people. This time, I got to have the best and most perfect Easter ever.

We hibernated for four days in the Castle (that’s what we call our home) and it was glorious. Just to lie around in your nightwear and comfortable clothes and not have anyone expect you to do anything is awesome.  We played games, we watched some films, some series, ate tasty food, smoked, cuddled, fucked…. like, I know it might not be everyone’s idea of a perfect long weekend.  But it sure as hell, is mine.