Friday Femdom Fiction: Caught, Shamed and Spanked

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The smell of simmering chicken broth permeated the air like a soothing hug. She’d left him tucked up, with an enormous box of kleenex and the lamp pleasantly dim, after several return trips to fluff up his pillows just so and see him cozy. He’d gone to…

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Sensory indulgence

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He’d only gotten in from work the poor thing. Smiling, a little dishevelled. I was lying stretched out on the sofa reading a book.  I did make him tea and allowed him to smoke. I could tell he was pleased to be home as he flung his coat off which landed halfway down the stairs.    I had the couch pushed up close to the open fire, some psytrance playing in the background.  Once he’d completed his usual routine, he locked the front door.  

I found him standing there in front of me, almost expecting me to undress him, or at least giving me the opportunity to.  I didn’t give him time to doubt me, quickly unbuttoning his jeans and flinging them on the floor hard with his underpants, he removed his jumper and t shirt and I pushed him down onto the sofa.  There he sat in all his naked loveliness, soft, pale skin, long hair, rich blue eyes looking at me wantonly.  I stroked his body with the back of my hand, feeling its warmth and softness.  I love his skin.  It’s my biggest addiction.

He moaned gently.  I positioned him so that he was spread out for me and I could touch him where I wanted to without his interference.   He accepted the position, lying there like a little doll, looking up at me with those beautiful blue eyes.  I spent a long time stroking his thighs, pressing my hands tightly together and using it to push his cock inside them, I stimulated as much of his balls as I could, feeling them slip around my hand as I teased him.  He moaned when I brought him close.  He’d admitted that he’d spent a lot of his work day fantasising about me.  I could tell that I wasn’t going to get much more out of him.  After edging him 5-6 times, I grabbed his cock and used it violently and hard to get him off very fast.  He lay there moaning and panting.  He’d cum hard, it was all over his chest, belly, my arm, my dress.  I smiled at him and kissed him.  

After cleaning up, we sat down and had a smoke and played a bit of path, ordered pizza, watched some TV, played some more path and then I suggested that we go downstairs.  I wanted my turn… 

He followed me down obediently, putting the light on and getting into the right position.  We lay there chatting for a bit.  I could feel his little wandering fingers caressing my body.  I was so sensitive and he, so gentle, it was hard not to get tickled.  I positioned myself on my back and let him continue.  He slid his hand in between my legs and started rubbing my pussy through my panties.  I could feel his little fingers working their magic and I lay back and began to think about his cock, what it might be doing now, if he was enjoying pleasuring me and if it was making him hard.  

I removed my panties.  He tried to tease me with gentle strokes but I grabbed his wrist and forced his hand harder against my pussy, looking down at him to ensure he knew he wasn’t allowed to be too gentle.  I saw a meek little smile and I let him continue.  My body swirled with sensation, he rubbed me in a different way for a while and then changed as I was getting close, I experienced a lot of new feelings as he experimented with pleasuring me.  

I was soaking.  It felt amazing, but it felt amazing because it was him doing it.  Every single thing he did felt amazing.  I wanted to cum so badly.  I thought back to earlier when I had him held at my mercy, imagined his little face looking up at me, the noises he made, the feeling of power I get when I control his cock like that, take hold of his orgasm.  All of a sudden, I came, it rushed through my body like a tidal wave.  I almost blacked out.  It lasted for what felt like about 20 minutes.  Every time I moved any part of my body, I could feel it spreading to a new part of me.  After cuddles, it didn’t take me long to fall asleep…

Myself, and Moving On

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Have a read at this incredibly talented writer describe her most intimate of interactions.  I fell in love with these words.

Myself, and Moving On

NoFap – Partake in the ultimate challenge

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What is NoFap?

NoFap hosts challenges in which participants abstain from pornography or masturbation for a period of time. This website is also a venue for open discussion of the NoFap experience and related issues. Whether your goal is casual participation in a NoFap week or monthly challenge as a test of self-control, or whether excessive masturbation or pornography has become a problem in your life and you want to quit for a longer period of time, you will find a supportive community and plenty of resources here.


The benefits listed here are based on the anecdotal reports of NoFap community members. They range from zero to life-changing. Individual results will vary; they are absolutely not guaranteed.

Abstaining from PMO (Porn, Masturbation, Orgasm) has often resulted in…

  • Recovery from porn-induced sexual dysfunction. Many fapstronauts report that NoFap’s programs have cured erectile dysfunction and delayed ejaculation, along with other sexual issues.
  • Increased self-control. Some fapstronauts do not feel like they have a pornography or masturbation problem. They are here to put their willpower to the test by facing their own instincts to pursue easy sexual arousal or indulge in certain sexual behaviors.
  • More hard-drive space. Some of the larger porn collections we’ve heard about can take up terabytes of information. No more hoarding. Permanently deleting it will free up a lot of hard drive space. As an added bonus, you won’t be hesitant to let people borrow your computer anymore.
  • More time. No more spending hours at the computer looking for that one video to get you off. That time can be better spent pursuing  your passions, bettering your life, and spending time with friends or a significant other. The possibilities are endless.
  • Improved attitude. Many nofappers described increased happiness throughout their lives, especially in their attitudes towards sex and interpersonal relationships.

The preceding was only a brief overview and we recommend that you browse through the various sections of the website to gain a fuller understanding on what you may have to gain by participating in a challenge.

NoFap – Partake in the ultimate challenge

Halloween Night

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There he was, lying on the bed for me, naked and pale and lovely.  My hands wandered over his body as he lay there, on his back.  I brought his lips forward to kiss me.  His body trembled with want.  My fingers worked their way down his body to his thighs.  I pulled his legs apart and rubbed his little ass.  He moaned like a whore.  

I sat up so that I had more control over what I wanted to do to him.  I started working his beautiful hard cock, gently sliding it through my hands.  He was so aroused, I whispered down to him “this must be torture for you?”.  He shook his head and said that he enjoyed being mine to use.  I smiled down at him.  I got up and went in search of a toy, finding the appropriate one and a bottle of lube, I sat down on the bed again grinning down at him.  He knew what was coming.  I selected a small rubber plug from his collection, I made him hold the base of his cock so that it would stay hard and slid the lubricated toy inside him gently.  Once inside, I swapped positions with him and had him hold the toy while I played with his cock.  After teasing him for a while, I decided to step things up a bit.  

I turned his wand vibrator on and proceeded to wedge it against the little plug in his ass.  I played with his cock a little more, edging him closer and stopping.  I sat up and removed my panties and pushed his legs together, the vibrator still pressed hard against his plug.  I proceeded to slide him inside me, while I reversed onto him so that I could control the vibrator and plug as well as fuck him.  I think he lasted about 30 seconds inside me in the reverse cowgirl position before he came, hard, really hard.  I sat up and the cum dripped from my pussy all over his belly.  He lay there in shock.  I don’t think he was quite expecting to orgasm so quickly.  I cleaned him up and held him.  After a smoke, we slipped into the abyss of a long, dark sleep.

Midweek – Cum & Cuddles

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Last night, I took him down to bed early.  I picked a pretty red dress, black suspender belt and tan stockings for him to wear with long silky pink gloves.  I lay in bed and watched him get dressed.  He’s a little bit more gentle now with the stockings.  I could do it for him so that the stockings aren’t damaged or laddered but then, he’d never learn.  

Once he’d finished dressing, he climbed into bed and lay down beside me. Those beautiful big blue eyes staring  up at me from the pale hue of his ivory skin.  His long pretty hair draped over his shoulders suggestively.  His lithe arms reaching up to me indicating that he wanted to be held.  I melted as I looked down at him and pulled him close, to warm his cold skin.

I have my period at the moment, one of those long, heavy, painful “catch-up” periods.  I haven’t had a period in a few months so this period is going out of it’s way to make me feel all of the missed ones all at once.  I felt pretty horrific.  Sore stomach, swollen sore breasts, limited energy reserves.  None of that stopped me wanting him, not even for a second.  I’d been aroused all day from looking at sneaky pictures of him on my phone.

There we lay, bodies close together, I started touching him, very gently.  He responded better to my gentle touches than he did to my heavy strokes so I decided to be gentle with him this evening.  Each gentle touch felt like heaven on my fingertips.  His body reacts so beautifully, he squirms around and moans softly, letting me know I’m touching the right places.  I began stroking his cock, gentle but powerful strokes.  He almost came.  I told him that it was too soon and that it would be a while before I’d let him cum.

I turned him over onto his side so that I had full access to his pretty bottom.  I lifted his skirt up and applied plenty of lubricant to his little ass, making sure to give it a good rub.   I lubed up the toy that I’d planned on using that evening – which was a prostate stimulator (Nexus Excel) – and began inserting it slowly into his ass.  His body reacted almost immediately and he moaned and wriggled.  I placed a hand on his hip to steady him and slid it inside him.  When it was all the way in, I wiggled it a little and played with it for a little bit while lying behind him.  He lay there and took it like a good little sub and I decided after a while, to step things up a little.  

I turned the wand vibrator on (which is mains powered so very powerful vibrations) and rubbed his thighs with it, to let him know what was coming.  I teased him a little by placing the vibrator on the tip of the toy that was protruding from his ass, gently at first and then full-on.  He moaned and squirmed in pleasure as the vibrations ran through his body.  Suddenly he froze and his body had gone entirely rigid.  I turned the vibrator off and asked if he was ok.  ”Do you mind if I go for a pee?” he said, in a meek little voice.   I chuckled, “of course not”.  He exited the room so I used the opportunity to reposition myself for what was to come.

When he got back, I told him to get on his hands and knees.  He obeyed and stuck his little ass out.  I reached underneath him and felt his cock with one arm and had my other hand on the toy sticking out of his ass.  I made him hard with a few simple strokes and began stimulating both areas at once.  Within about a minute of being fucked by both hands, I heard his little cry for release “can I come please?  please?”.  ”Yes you can” was my reply.  I kept him on edge a little more by changing the tempo of my strokes or tightening and loosening my grip.  At this stage, all of the rope in the world wouldn’t have held him down and he was moaning really loudly, I decided to let him release.  His body shuddered in my hands as his orgasm hit. 

I was happy.  He told me that it was a very intense one.  That made me happier.  I tied his hair back and told him to go and clean up.  After that, I held him for a while and, after our post-sexytimes cigarette, we drifted off to sleep, both utterly exhausted.