Monday again

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How depressing are Mondays?  A whole 9 hours of not being able to touch my beloved’s skin, feel his breath on my neck, kiss his lips and hear his voice. 

I did have a lovely weekend though.  Nothing too over-the-top this weekend, just nice and slow oral, fingering and sex.  I’ll admit to having a bit of a crazy Saturday.  Sometimes horniness hits me like a Klingon in heat (apologies for the Star Trek reference – we’ve been watching a lot of that lately) and all I want to do is jump him and fuck him but, he was already a little worn out from the previous night.  

Managed to go an entire day (sans a cheeky orgasm in the morning) without molesting him too much (I hope). Went for a nap midday which helped clear my thoughts up a little bit.  My libido can be so horrifically overwhelming sometimes….