Slow, lazy January evening.

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My poor little pet hasn’t been so well the last couple of days.  He’s got some kind of chesty throat thing.  I’ve been taking care of him as best I can, but I always feel kind of helpless when he’s ill.

Last night we watched a few movies together, had a smoke and ambled downstairs.  I was expecting another early night, in order to help get him over his infection, but he arrived into the room in the new leather dress I’d bought for him.  I was horny instantly.

He was crouching on the bed attempting to fix spotify on his Nexus so that we could listen to music.  This gave me full access to the glory that is his cute little ass.  It was exposed under the short leather dress, perfectly rounded and delicious. It looked good enough to eat.  I rubbed it a little, the sensitive parts, to gauge his reaction.  He moaned a little bit, I was distracting him from completing his task.  I pulled on his cock gently with the other hand and proceeded to rub his ass.  He was already hard and struggling to remain focused on the device in his hands.  

The music started and he signed with relief as he could now fully enjoy the pleasure being given to him.  His body looked amazing in the tight leather dress, I enjoyed the feeling of running my fingers over it.  I left him temporarily and told him to get comfortable.  I’d acquired a vibrating prostate stimulator and  a bottle of lube.  I toyed with his ass a little bit before inserting the toy. It slid in easily, he wanted to be filled up and used.  I fucked him gently with it at first, very gently, used it to bring him into that lovely euphoric state I like to keep him in for so many of our sessions together.

After a while of teasing, I switched the vibrator on.  I began fucking him as I used his cock with my other hand.  The feel of the leather against my wrist, the way his ass looked and the noises he was making indicated that he would soon cum.  He asked for permission to cum pretty quickly and thanked me when I granted it.  He came hard, very hard, a lot of cum and slumped on the bed.  He was exhausted.  I cleaned the bed up and got back in.


We chatted for a while after that.  Both being quite stoned, about a wide variety of unrelated topics.  I love talking with him. A lot of his views are very similar to my own and he’s intelligent.  That’s one of the sexiest things about him.  His big, beautiful brain.  

I was soaking from before, when I felt his little hand edging it’s way downward, I smiled and rolled over onto my back and removed my panties.  I was expecting a short playtime, mainly because, he’s still quite sick and he was probably tired after his own, but I was mistaken.  He toyed with me for quite a long time, and I really enjoyed it. A lot of the time, I can’t handle being teased much, particularly after not orgasming for several days, but whatever it was he was doing, I wanted more of it.  I was enjoying the long, slow build up.  

I love watching him when he’s playing with me, I can see him concentrating on his task but also getting aroused, which arouses me even more.  I love the way he makes me feel.  When I did cum, it almost made me pass out…. It was the most intense orgasm I’ve had so far, in my whole life, to date.  I say “to date” because he’s only ever gotten better over the past year.  It never feels the same, he’s always trying new things and touching me in different ways… it was absolute heaven though.  I lay there unmoving for a good 10 minutes, or what felt like an eternity. I felt truly and utterly spent, satisfied and elated.


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NoFap – Partake in the ultimate challenge

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What is NoFap?

NoFap hosts challenges in which participants abstain from pornography or masturbation for a period of time. This website is also a venue for open discussion of the NoFap experience and related issues. Whether your goal is casual participation in a NoFap week or monthly challenge as a test of self-control, or whether excessive masturbation or pornography has become a problem in your life and you want to quit for a longer period of time, you will find a supportive community and plenty of resources here.


The benefits listed here are based on the anecdotal reports of NoFap community members. They range from zero to life-changing. Individual results will vary; they are absolutely not guaranteed.

Abstaining from PMO (Porn, Masturbation, Orgasm) has often resulted in…

  • Recovery from porn-induced sexual dysfunction. Many fapstronauts report that NoFap’s programs have cured erectile dysfunction and delayed ejaculation, along with other sexual issues.
  • Increased self-control. Some fapstronauts do not feel like they have a pornography or masturbation problem. They are here to put their willpower to the test by facing their own instincts to pursue easy sexual arousal or indulge in certain sexual behaviors.
  • More hard-drive space. Some of the larger porn collections we’ve heard about can take up terabytes of information. No more hoarding. Permanently deleting it will free up a lot of hard drive space. As an added bonus, you won’t be hesitant to let people borrow your computer anymore.
  • More time. No more spending hours at the computer looking for that one video to get you off. That time can be better spent pursuing  your passions, bettering your life, and spending time with friends or a significant other. The possibilities are endless.
  • Improved attitude. Many nofappers described increased happiness throughout their lives, especially in their attitudes towards sex and interpersonal relationships.

The preceding was only a brief overview and we recommend that you browse through the various sections of the website to gain a fuller understanding on what you may have to gain by participating in a challenge.

NoFap – Partake in the ultimate challenge

Sensual weekend session

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Hazy weekend.  Probably smoked too much.  It helped with the inevitable frustration that I feel after having gone an entire week without orgasming and the pain and the PMS-rage.  Stupid period.  As well as managing to complete the entire of Dragon Age 2 in one weekend, we also had some fun.

I picked something out for him to wear and gave it to him, telling him to change upstairs.  I went with a cute red dress, black suspender belt, stockings and black heeled boots.  He also wore his chastity device. I sat him down on a cushioned, wooden chair.  I bound his hands behind his back to the chair with PVC tape and bound his ankles to either side of the chair so his legs were spread apart.  I tied his chest and neck to the chair with some rope, meaning if he leant forward or attempted to get free, the rope around his neck would prevent him.  I warned him to remain calm and still or he may hurt himself through mild choking. 

I then blindfolded him and let him sit there for a few minutes.  When his blindfold was removed, he found a vibrator strapped between his legs and some sensual lesbian porn on the screen in front of him.  I told him to watch the screen.  I sat behind him for a while, kissing his neck, cheeks, shoulders, touching his body, feeling it tingle and shudder at the prospect of the vibrator.  After a while, I turned the vibrator on.  It was about an inch away from his cock.  I left it on, so that he could feel the vibrations of the air around him, knowing it was there, but not actually being able to feel it.  

After a while, I noticed him starting to shift around, wanting to be touched.  I moved the vibrator closer so that it was in direct contact with his chastity device.  He moaned immediately and attempted to keep his body still while he was enjoying the pleasure of being touched.  I reminded him that he needed to keep watching the screen.  At this stage, the lesbians were licking each other and I could see that he was very close to cumming.  He was leaking everywhere.  I told him to remove the chastity device and he did so, I allowed him one hand to do this and immediately tied it back up again once the device was removed.

I turned the vibrator off and sat behind him again, holding him by his neck, forcing his head in the direction of the porn.  I nibbled on his ear, kissed his neck again, licked his lips, whispered in his ear.  I reached down with my hand and started toying with his cock while I had my other arm around his neck.  I stroked him slowly, but powerfully.  I used the vibrator a few more times to tease him, putting it up against my hand so that he could feel the vibrations as I stroked him and eventually, brought him to orgasm.

I untied him and held him for a bit, stroking his beautiful long hair.  

The Great Porn Experiment

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The Great Porn Experiment.  

Definitely worth checking out if you watch a lot of porn.

In response to Philip Zimbardo’s “The Demise of Guys?” TED talk, Gary Wilson asks whether our brains evolved to handle the hyperstimulation of today’s Internet enticements. He also discusses the disturbing symptoms showing up in some heavy Internet users, the surprising reversal of those symptoms, and the science behind these 21st century phenomena.

Hazy Friday

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Was pretty stressed when I got in from work on Friday after a fairly uneventful day.  He saw to it that I was given sufficient cuddling in bed before getting me up. We had a shower, ate dinner. We watched some more Star Trek and had a nice chilled smoke.  Wasn’t much in the mood for playing games so we sat on the sofa for a few hours just watching TV and smoking.

We of course, ended up, downstairs in the bedroom.  I dressed him in a skin-tight latex-look black dress.  He looked divine.  I put some psytrance on and we relaxed in bed for a while.  His skin was sensitive, a beautiful effect of the smoking.  He was aroused almost immediately when I ran my fingers over his cock.  I teased him for a little bit with my fingers, stroking his body through the dress, teasing his cock. I then positioned him on his hands and knees and placed the vibrator underneath his cock.  He proceeded to attempt to lower himself onto it so that he could rub his cock on it.  

I felt the overwhelming urge to spank him, so I let loose my demons for a little bit and proceeded to spank his pretty bottom while he pleasured himself on the vibrator.  At that stage, he was leaking everywhere and moaning.  I wanted to look into his eyes to see his longing.  He looks so incredibly slutty when he’s in this dress.  I laid him down on his back and stayed between his legs.  

I began teasing his cock with my mouth and hands while playing with his little asshole.  He wriggled and moaned when I touched it, I could tell he wanted something inside him, so I got up and got a toy and put it inside his ass.  I rubbed some massage oil onto his cock and proceeded to rub it in the same way I might rub myself if I was masturbating.  He loved it.  He moaned and begged me to let him suck on a dildo as well.  I got him a nice big pink dildo for him to suck on and proceeded to rub his cock and balls, moving my hand up and down.   I kept him on edge for what felt like hours and it literally turned out to be about 2-3 hours.  I wanted him inside me, so I climbed on top of him and fucked him while he continued to suck on the cock and had his little ass full of dildo.  He came harder than I’ve ever seen him cum before.  He lay there shaking for about 20 minutes afterwards.  I cleaned him up and then held him. 

Sleepy Sex

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Was absolutely wrecked when I got home yesterday, after not sleeping the previous night.  He was all dressed up for me, looking gorgeous.  I physically didn’t have the energy to do anything to him and ended up flopping in bed.  He ordered food, got us some movies to watch and we spent some time curled up together on the sofa.

Came to an hour before bedtime and we went downstairs.  Never quite know how to ask for attention when I want it, I felt kinda awkward.  He kept asking if there was “anything he could do” to help me sleep, etc and I just felt like “well, I shouldn’t really have to ask”.  Although I never said that.  Eventually, I think he got the point after some discussion.  I know he’s not that kind of guy to just dive straight in.  He said he was more used to being with women who require lots of build-up prior.  

He put his hand between my legs and I didn’t make it easy for him.  Giggling I held my thighs together as he tried to sneak in between.  I told him to beg me to let him touch me, which he did.  Smiling I helped him removed my panties.  He used a new technique I think where he rubbed my clitoris at the same time as penetrating my g-spot.  It felt different to anything he’d done before. It felt awesome.  It was really nice to lie back and just receive attention like that.  I like that he enjoys pleasing me.  My lack of energy made it last a lot longer than I’d expected.  As I came, I pulled him towards me and made him hard with my hand before pressing his cock inside me.  I was still cumming when he penetrated me and he started to moan very quickly.  He didn’t last long.  He told me that he was so aroused from pleasuring me.  His orgasm came quickly and unexpectedly.  Afterwards I held him while he was inside me and kissed his forehead.