How to tell a woman is interested in you

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If you’re struggling with ladies who expect you to make the first move all the time, here are some really good tips.

1. If you’re in a big group and someone makes you all laugh, most people immediately look at the person in the group they’re most attracted to. So if you notice she looks at you when she laughs there’s a good chance.

2. A girl who keeps beating herself up on her looks, not only is she fishing for a compliment, she’s fishing for YOUR compliment. Though this usually means she’s interested in you, she could just be looking for attention. If she does it often to multiple people, it’s probably the latter.

3. If a girl talks about how long she spent getting ready and then asks your opinion on how she looks, she did it to impress you. (If she does this when you and her had specifically made plans to hang out, it’s even more explicit. Exceptions to this rule are weddings, parties, etc. etc.)


4. If a girl asks to sit next to you somewhere where there are other viable empty places/tables to sit at, she’s interested!

5. If a girl seems to be smiling with you way more than she does when she talks to other people, she’s interested in you.

6. If a girl says she’s really cold in an obviously warm environment, she probably wants you to warm her up (either through a hug or occasionally offering your jacket chivalrously). She’s interested in you.  Cheesy but a lot of lasses still do this… 🙂

7. If a girl who is not a best friend type suggests watching a movie when you two are hanging out alone, she wants something to happen. She is interested.

8. If a girl gives you her number, on some level she is interested. Meaning she gives it to you without you prompting her first, though often if she gives it to you after you ask her it still means she’s interested*

9. If a girl is playing with her hair, biting her lip, blushing, smiling, making lots of eye contact – read the signs.  She is interested. I know it’s cliche, but a lot of girls still twirl their hair when flirting. Girls usually stop doing this by the time they’re 21.


10. Girls like confidence. If you think a girl is interested in you, go for it! The worst that happens is a no. If she has a worse reaction, she’s someone you wouldn’t want to be around anyway.


Anniversary approaching.

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He should write a book on women.  I’ve been with more than my fair share of men.  Looking back, they were all pretty terrible with women, well, in comparison to this guy.  He knows when to back down, he knows when to hold me, he knows when to give me space, he knows what to do and when. He knows his way around my body, all it’s little intricacies.  What to give me and when.  It’s so refreshing.  

It’ll be our one year anniversary next week.  I want to do something special for him, maybe go for a nice meal somewhere, something…. dare I say it.. romantic. I’ve become so massively squishy and romantic since being with this guy.  I was never like that before, neither had the want or need.  Open to any romantic evening ideas – drop me a PM or leave me a comment.

Pampering my sub

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I wanted to do something special for my sub last night.  I spent the whole day planning something nice for him to eat – he’d chosen to have his favourite food: chicken breast stuffed with cream cheese and pesto and wrapped in bacon and garlic fries.  I had that and a cup of tea (he is a major tea addict!) and a nice warm fluffy pink dressing gown ready for him when he got home.

It was a really miserable wet day outside, he came in looking a bit damp and tired.  I helped him out of his clothes and into his cosy dressing gown and sat him down at the table.  We had our candlelit dinner and listened to some Opeth.  It was pretty perfect.  He seemed to thoroughly enjoy the meal.

After that I gave him some time to relax – we watched some scifi and played some videogames together.  I went down to have a shower and let him have some time to himself.  

About an hour before bed I asked if he’d like to go downstairs.  He agreed.  I lay him down on the bed and gave him a nice sensual massage.  This was rudely interrupted by some terrible songs on his random playlist on Spotify which was pumping out some of the most unrelaxing music … almost ruining the mood!  He flopped about a bit and eventually changed it to Marilyn Manson’s  ”Mechanical Animals”…. which surprisingly was perfect for my intention.  It’s kinda slow and sexy.  

I massaged each part of his body with scented oils and teased his cock a little – not too much.  Just enough to keep him on edge for a little bit…. the teasing only lasted about 20 minutes.  I could see him tiring and aching so I let him cum and he shivered around the bed for a little bit.  He ended up lying there, with his eyes closed.  Huge smile on his face.  I felt a deep feeling of satisfaction warming my body as I looked down at him.  I cleaned him up and we cuddled for a little bit.  Then it was time for sleep.