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Rubber Bondage fun

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Was never  hugely into shiny clothes before – rubber, latex, leather … like, it looks nice on some people but my experience of it has never been great.  I don’t like that it felt cold against my skin or that it pulled on other parts, I generally find it quite uncomfortable to wear.  Viewing wise – I’ve been more into seeing my sub dressed up in lace, satin and frills.  I felt a strange longing the whole day, my mood felt a little darker than normal.  I sent my sub a text in the morning explaining a scenario I had in my head, which read

“well I was thinking of a scenario when you came in from work, the house was completely dark.  You’d feel someone grabbing you from behind and forcing you down where you’d then be blindfolded, gagged, wrists bound behind your back.  No words would be spoken, only the muffled sounds of your whimpering.  You’d then be striped, groped, manhandled, sucked, licked and fucked”.

He liked the sound of it.  That’s not what we got up to though.  He suggested an alterntative, considering that I was on pill cooldown from hospital – we couldn’t have sex, but that hasn’t stopped us doing other things.  

After dinner, we went downstairs and lay down for a little bit, just to chill, relax in the darkness and converse.  I talked a bit about wanting to see him in a nurses outfit, I mentioned that it might be made of rubber or something shiny… the thought of it gave him an almost immediate erection.  I guess at that stage and following his earlier texts, I was able to read what he was in the mood for.  I took him into the shower first and washed him.  I like washing him.  He stands there, under the water, all hot and wet.  He knows when to put his arm up or his leg up, when to turn around and get his back and his bottom scrubbed.  He’s even got much better at getting washed in between the toes!  He doesn’t scramble away any more or make squeaky noises.  

After the shower, I told him to go and put something shiny on for me.  He scampered off and I went upstairs to relax and have a smoke.  After some time… maybe half an hour or so, he emerged from the bedroom, clad in a rubber skirt, latex corset top and shiny stockings.  He was wearing bright pink panties underneath.  My jaw dropped as I witnessed, for the first time, his ass in a rubber skirt.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite so amazing or that made me wet so incredibly fast.  It was a pure delight.   I let him have a smoke and meanwhile made him walk around the room a bit, so that I could witness the material hugging his perfect little ass in all it’s glory.  There was also the mandatory bending over.  Fuck it looked good.  I can’t describe just how good it looked with words. 

I ordered him downstairs after he’d finished his smoke.  Onto the bed he lay, on his back.  I blindfolded him, ball-gagged him and bound his ankles together with PVC tape and his arms to his sides.  this is what he looked like prior to the PVC binding.  (I was far too distracted to take pictures of what he looked like after…)

I started off by touching him, rubbing the material, rubbing his cock, stroking the insides of his thighs.  He was so aroused by this stage that I could see that it wouldn’t take much to make him cum.  I got the magic wand vibrator and rubbed it on his thighs and the rubber material just below his cock, his nipples.  He moaned like a whore.  When I kept it on his cock for more than 20 seconds he started wriggling and moaning, he was so close, I stopped.  I repeated that several times. He was struggling to hold back.  He wanted to cum.  I held the vibrator tight on his cock and he came, inside his panties under his skirt.  It was a long, hard orgasm.  He pulled against his binds and thrashed about as best he could, he moaned as loud as he could past the gag. 

I removed the blindfold and the gag.  He said he could see stars he came so hard.  I got the rest of the bindings off and lay him down and held him for a bit.  I was soaking by that stage.  Once he’d been given the appropriate pets, cuddles and praise, I lay on my back and forced his fingers inside me hard.  I came in under 20 seconds.  It was pretty intense.  What an amazing evening.