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Right on.

Inspirational story from a crossdresser in Wyoming, USA

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Reading parts of that actually made me shed a little tear.  He has so much strength, it’s people like this who can change the world.

Inspirational story from a crossdresser in Wyoming, USA

Lazy Sunday Teases

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Firstly, let’s look at how amazing his ass is.  Let’s just take a moment out of our day to appreciate what a fantastic ass he has and how good it looks in a tight, black skirt. 

Moving on…

Yesterday morning, after an amazing night of orgasms, I got pretty horny from thinking about the previous night…. I was lying on the sofa, he was in front of his computer playing games.  

I picked up my phone and started looking at his naughty pics on dropbox, and some videos he made for me in the shower… I got more and more aroused and started rubbing myself.  He looked over at me and asked if I was having fun?  I told him I was.  He continued to play games for a little bit and then came over for cuddles.  

I held him for a little bit and started teasing his cock with my hand, rubbing it gently like a little clit.  He was sitting on my knee, spread out so that I had access to everything.  It became apparent that he too, was quite aroused.  He moaned at me, made me ache more for him.  I told him to put some hentai porn on and return to his position.  I got him a pretty pink silk nighty to wear for me too and some matching panties.  He looked good enough to eat.

I lay there, with him on top of me as we watched together, although, in truth, I was more intent on watching his body’s reaction to my teasing.  I spent a long time just teasing him with my hand, fingers, rubbing him, stroking his sensitive places, pinching his nipples.  After an hour or so, the hentai ended, I told him to put on another – I wasn’t finished with him yet.  He did as he was told and returned to his position where I was holding him from behind. 

I lifted the wand vibrator I had prepared earlier and showed it to him.  He ached for it to be close to him.  I teased his inner thighs, his nipples, his stomach, the entire area surrounding his cock.  He was writhing around in anticipation of the vibrator touching his cock, that when it finally did, he almost came immediately.  I had to stop him.  I flipped him over so that he was lying on top of me, face down and held the vibrator up to my clit.  It felt good, I was soaking.  I told him to rub his cock on it as I rubbed myself with it.  He did but I think his fear of cumming without permission made him hold back a bit.  I grabbed his ass and forced his cock down on it as I pleasured myself.   I came, an explosive orgasm leaving me in quite a mess…

I flipped him back over again and finished him off by holding his cock inside his silk nighty and rubbing the vibrator up and down it until he came.  He lay shaking for a while and making the cutest little noises as the orgasm wracked through his body.  Poor thing, he looked exhausted.  I held him until he was ready to move again.