The Friday Night Tease

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When he got in from work last night.  I dressed him in a stunning red lace dress I’d purchased him a couple of months ago (pictured below) coupled with red sandal-heels, black fishnets with a lace red top and a black suspender belt.  


I told him that I’d hired him as a sexual companion and that now, he’d entertain me.  I laid some blankets out on the floor so that I could watch him. He started off on his back, running his hands up and down his beautiful body.  I love watching his little pale fingers running along the red lace.  He moved down to stroke his thighs and eventually began to play with his cock.  I was perched up on the sofa above him, finding myself getting wetter and wetter, watching this beautiful little person writhe around on the floor for my pleasure.

After a while I told him to get on his knees (resulting in the pictures above).  I gave him the magic wand vibrator to play with and watched him as he almost brought himself to orgasm over and over again.  It’s a sight I’ll remember for a very long time, and the sounds he made as  he was close…

I ordered him onto his back, and then simply sat on his cock while holding him down.  He does love to wriggle.  I rode him upright, I came after a very short period of time of feeling his cock inside me, my orgasm was slow and intense.  When I was finished using him, I returned to the sofa and told him to continue pleasuring himself, on his knees.  It was still delightful to watch, only making me horny again, wanting him again but knowing that, at this stage, my body probably couldn’t take another one of those orgasms.

I moved my hand down and began playing with his cock while he held his vibrator and slowly brought him to orgasm.

After our session, we had a smoke, watched a plethora of Mel Gibson movies (don’t even ask…) and we ended up in bed, pretty late.  I could tell he was exhausted, and quite stoned.  But I was horny again.  He asked me if I wanted him to make me cum.  I felt kinda bad, considering how tired he was and told him that it was ok.  I couldn’t help myself touching his very sensitive body.  Eventually, I ended up touching myself.  He noticed, even in the dark, even when completely exhausted, even when pretty stoned.  I felt his little hand between my legs shortly after.  He began rubbing me and I came pretty fast, still with the image of him on his knees in that beautiful lace red dress.  

What an amazing evening.  I feel so lucky, every day.