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Femdom Meme

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Femdom meme – one of my favourites.   

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I guess I got so caught up earlier in our little conflict, which I think has now in the process of getting resolved, that I failed to mention what a nice weekend we had.

We had some dressup fun during the week.  I love this outfit on him.  He kinda looks like a slutty dancer…  

We also engaged in a little bit of ropework.  I’m very much a beginner at the topic.  Here are some of my attempts at new techniques I’ve been learning.

When I had him tied up like that, I put him on his side and stimulated his already hard cock a little with a vibrator.  I put the vibrator on the bed just out of reach of his cock, so he could rub himself on it a little but couldn’t make himself cum with it.  He made the most glorious noises and writhed around attempting to stimulate himself while I watched.  I played with my own vibrator a little while I watched him.  

When I thought he’d had enough, I moved the vibrator close to his cock and he made himself cum as I watched.  

After untying him, he gave me a very delicious orgasm to thank me.