Victorian Style Star Trek Dresses

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Look at these amazing Victorian-style star trek dresses… :O 

Too fabulous for words.


The many faces of Captain Janeway

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Request from the Facebook J7 group. The ever wondering south eyes of Captain Janeway.

Kate Mulgrew, what the fuck?!  What were you even doing besides gazing at breasts?

Haha, I noticed this a few times too. 

My Heroine

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Kathryn Janeway was a woman who liked having her own way.  Her mix of unwavering confidence, strength of character, femininity, competence, intelligence and empathy always made her one of my own personal role models. 

Seven of Nine – Fan Art

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Still think Seven of Nine should have kept all of her borg implants.  They look way cooler.


Unimpressed Janeway

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I love Janeway’s pose here, she portrays “unimpressed” so incredibly well.